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Jon Coupal


On June 6th, many across the globe will be remembering the sacrifices made by thousands of American, British and Canadian young men who hit the beaches at Normandy to free Europe from Nazi tyranny. Californians will also be celebrating this date because it marks the 36th birthday of the landmark tax limiting measure, Proposition 13.

Howard Jarvis, Paul Gann and the tens of thousands of volunteers who made Proposition 13 possible would be proud to see that Proposition 13’s protections against the avarice of government officials continue intact as we move into its 37th year. And Californians, today, are still appreciative with 63 percent of likely votes telling a recent Public Policy Institute of California poll that they see Proposition 13 as a “mostly a good thing” compared to only 27… Read More

Katy Grimes

Minimum wage will sideswipe California’s ‘job creation engine’

“California is definitely back,” Governor Jerry Brown recently trumpeted. Brown then proclaimed the state a “job creation engine.” But the magical California job creation engine has shifted from a healthy manufacturing economy, to a service economy – from high-paying jobs with benefits and growth potential, to low-wage, nowhere minimum wage jobs.

Rather than creating policies to make California a healthy business state once again to incentivize businesses, politicians are instead focused on these low-paying jobs, and treating the symptoms instead of curing the disease.

The winter of our discontent

The growing discontent between politics, politicians, and the hard-working electorate could turn into anguish, misery and rebellion with the latest minimum wage increase proposal.

Before the last minimum wage… Read More

The 2014 Election: Why I Was & Still Am Against The Top 2/Open Primary

The results are almost all in – and the 2014 primary results are exactly why I fought against Prop 14 when I was Chairman of the California Republican Party. The new format pits just the Top 2 finishers in each race on the Fall ballot. As a result, voters will have less choices and hear less discussion because of the Top 2 format – with no discernable gain.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and then Senator Abel Maldonado sold Prop 14 to the California voters. They claimed it was an answer to gridlock in Sacramento that would produce more moderate candidates. In practice, that is not true. Instead, Prop 14 means that only 2 people will be on the Fall ballot for each race – except in those 18 Assembly and Senate races that drew no opponent – with no reduction in gridlock.

I fought against Prop 14 for 4 reasons: (1) the disenfranchisement of 3rd parties, (2) less voter choice,… Read More

Ed Ring

Government Employee Unions – The Root Cause of California’s Challenges

Spokespersons for California’s government employee unions perpetuate a myth of staggering absurdity and tragic consequences – that they are protecting working Californians from wealthy corporations and wealthy individuals.

The reality is that government employee unions are focused on one thing: Expanding government employee pay, benefits and privileges. This requires expanding government, and that priority comes in front of everything else, including the cost to society at large.Expansive environmentalist regulations have made prices in California for housing and utilities the highest in the nation.Expansive compensation packages for unionized government workers have resulted in chronic deficits and accumulating state and local government debt that by some measures already exceeds $1.0 trillion. Expansive taxes and regulation have made California consistently rank as the most inhospitable place in the nation to run a small business.

Exactly how does any of this protect the poor from the wealthy?

It doesn’t, of course. But the deeper story is how government employee unions are not only failing to “protect” California’s… Read More

Katy Grimes

Californians Prove This Is The Crazy State

I’ve finally got the hard proof I need demonstrating that an IQ test should be administered prior to being granted the privilege to vote.

In Tuesday’s election, 287,590California voters cast ballots for Sen. Leland Yee of San Francisco, in the Secretary of State race. Yee isunder indictment by the FBI since April, for arms trafficking and bribery. Yeewithdrew from the race, but it was too late for his name to be removed from the ballot.

Yee ended the night with nearly 10 percent of the votes. Of the top two winners, Sen. Alex Padilla, got only 884,857votes, 30 percent of the votes. Republican Pete Peterson received871,388 votes, 29 percent of the votes. Yee placed third out of eight on the Secretary of State ballot.

In case you’ve already forgotten who Leland Yee is, Yee was known… Read More

Katy Grimes

How Many Local Office Holders Not Worthy Of Election To Legislature?

There is a disturbing trend happening in California, with cities trying to place sales and property tax increase initiatives on the ballot, often without a petition drive of the voters. Ostensibly these tax revenues are earmarked for “public safety,” or 
road maintenance, and improvements.

But that’s complete hooey; this money will be undoubtedly be used to pay for CalPERS pension and retiree health benefit payments. It has to be used for pensions and benefit payments, because most cities are so deep in debt, they can’t afford to fix sewer systems, maintain roads, or even maintain parks.

Think about this when you vote tomorrow. It’s not just about being a Democrat or Republican, because in far too many of California’s cities and counties, councils are apparently okay with saddling future generations with liabilities for compensating the current… Read More

Jon Fleischman

An Interview With Dan Schnur, Candidate For Secretary of State – Part 2

[Below is part two of a wide-ranging interview that I conducted with my longtime friend Dan Schnur, who is running for Secretary of State. Part 1 can be found here. An this interview we discussed a variety of issues. For me, the highlights included hearing about Dan’s start in politics on the Reagan campaign, his candidness on the need to have real ethical reforms in the State Capitol, and why he disagrees with Pete Peterson on the critical question of voter ID laws. -- Flash]

Flash: I want to chat a little bit about your thoughts about what’s been going on in Sacramento lately relative to now we have not one, not two, but three state senators that are facing criminal charges or convictions. And then, we’ll close by talking a little bit about how people reading this interview can get ahold of you and your campaign. So talk to use about Sacramento. We’ve got Senator Rod Wright convicted of eight felony counts of election fraud and perjury.… Read More

Richard Rider

State estate and inheritance taxes vary DRAMATICALLY. CA is tax-free! However…

As my readers will attest, I’m no fan of California tax policy. But there is one area where the Golden State is tied for the BEST tax policy — we have ZERO estate and inheritance taxes. Don’t betooimpressed — we are tied with 30 other states that now have no such tax — and that number is growing. Check out the map at the bottom of my article from the Tax Foundation.

I’d love to give California politicians credit for repealing the CA estate tax in 1982. But, to no one’s surprise, this repeal was done by the VOTERS — over the OBJECTIONS of our Democrat-controlled state legislature and Big Government bottom feeders. Props 5 and 6 repealing such taxes passed easily, with over 60% of those casting ballots voting approval. http://ballotpedia.org/California_Propositions_5_and_6,_Repeal_of_Inheritance_and_Gift_Tax_Laws_(June_1982)

It’s interesting to read the ballot arguments for … Read More

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