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Bruce Bialosky

California Government Coming After You No Matter Where You Are

Californians running their own businesses are accustomed to having an invasive government. They are also used to the government taking the side of their employees and being considered guilty until proven innocent on any claim asserted against them. But when your company is outside of California, you certainly do not expect these things to happen to you. That is apparently no longer true.

I was contacted by a man named Ben from New Jersey who was referred to me by a client from New York. Ben tells me he had contracted a man to do a website for him that happened to originate from California. He tells me that the man had his own corporation, but for a time during the contract the Computer Maven (Maven) had to be paid directly because his corporation was in formation. Ben tells me he was contacted by Jennifer McPeak from the Employment Development Department (EDD), who asked him a series of leading questions that made him very uncomfortable. Ms. McPeak was asserting Maven had been an employee of Ben’s company and that he had to file for payroll for Maven. My first instruction to Ben was never speak to a California employee as a businessman without a hired gun like… Read More

Katy Grimes

Sacto CA Sheriff Who Schooled Obama on Immigration Running for Congress

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones Announces Bid For Congress

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, one of the most outspoken critics of President Obama’s lackadaisical immigration policy, announced Monday he is running for Congress as a Republican against Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove.

Jones was elected sheriff in 2010. While Jones said today’s immigration and national security issues are a priority, his platform includes economic issues.

Following the deadly shootings and murders of two Sacramento Sheriff deputies last year, Sheriff Jones called on President Barack Obama for immediate immigration reform in a… Read More

Jon Coupal


Finally, those leaving property to their heirs will be able to avoid the expense of hiring an attorney. There is no need to make the inheritance of real estate so costly that it becomes a hardship on homeowners, especially low income families and seniors.

Currently, for a single person to pass on property to designated heirs requires a will or trust. A will, of course, must be administered through a Probate Court, a process that can be both costly and time-consuming. Trusts – for those who seek to avoid probate – usually require legal advice from an attorney and should be updated periodically. For homeowners on a fixed income, both methods can be prohibitively expensive. (Married individuals can avoid probate when passing property on to the surviving spouse by holding title to their home as community property with right of survivorship or joint tenants with right of survivorship.)

To read entire column click here More

Katy Grimes

Ideas, Not Identity Politics Says U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Del Beccaro

Thomas Del Beccaro, a former chairman of the California Republican Party, is seeking the U.S. Senate seat being vacated in 2016 by Democrat Barbara Boxer. The burning question most people have for Del Beccaro is WHY? The district is a Democrat stronghold, having elected and reelected Boxer since 1993.

“There are people who run for office, and people who run for ideas,” Del Beccaro said in an interview.

“California has had one-party rule in the U.S. Senate and the California legislature for most of the last twenty years,” Del Beccaro said. “The result has been a state that is number one in poverty, at the bottom in education, and suffering from chronic under-employment, water shortages and budget problems. Not coincidentally, California has the highest combined tax, regulatory and debt burden in the Country. Our problems are the fault of policy… Read More

Richard Rider

California disability unemployment rate much higher than in 1971. We pay people not to work.

A common canard is that government doesn’t work. It DOES work — just often not the way intended.

If we pay people not to work (including SSI and SSDI), fewer people opt to work. It works EXACTLY as any honest economist would predict.

With SSI, one has to PROVE that one can’t work in order to receive the benefits. Ignoring the fact that the system has become too corrupt — dispensing such status far too easily — it’s an incredible anti-work incentive program. Sadly, such programs work all too well.

Salient opening paragraph of article below: Paul Hippolitus, the director of the UC Berkeley Disabled Students’ Program, recalls that when he entered the disability employment field in 1971, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated 33% of adults with disabilities worked either full or part time. In September 2015 that estimated rate was down to 20%. “After 44 years of laws, education efforts with employers, tax credits, accessibility efforts, education access—how can this possibly be?”, he asks.

How indeed.… Read More

Katy Grimes

Former Congressional Candidate Elan Carr Running For LA Supervisor

Following an unsuccessful bid for Congress in November 2014, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Elan Carr is running for Los Angeles County Supervisor in the 5th District, in the November 2016 election.

When asked in an interview why he is running for Los Angeles County Supervisor, Carr said, “I have three young children. My job as a parent is to protect them, imbue them with good values, and then turn over running the state to them.”

“However, if we don’t make the right decisions now, we’ll be handing over to my kids a less safe, less prosperous state,” Carr added. “We’ve got to get our house in order.”

Who is Elan Carr?

Carr is the son of immigrants. His mother fled to Israel from Iraq after watching her father be taken away by Iraqi authorities. His step-father fled to Israel from Nazi-occupied… Read More

Ed Ring

Why Pacific Grove Matters to Pension Reformers

UnionWatch has just released thefourth and final installmentof”The Fall of Pacific Grove – The Final Chapter,” written by John Moore, who is a retired attorney and resident of Pacific Grove. This four part series constitutes an extended epilogue to a eight part series on Pacific Grove which was published last year on UnionWatch. Links to all twelve installments appear at the conclusion of this post.

Moore’s earlier set of articles describe in detail howPacific Groveslid inexorably towards insolvency by yielding, again and again, year after year, to pressure from local government unions to award unaffordable pension benefits to city employees. Pacific Grove’s challenges area textbook case of how there is simply no interest group, anywhere, currently capable of standing up to the political power of government unions. This small city now faces the possibility of selling off every asset they’ve got, primarily real estate, to private developers to raise cash for the city’s perpetually escalating annual pension contributions. They face the… Read More

Richard Rider

Small company uses wrong FONT on its pillow labels. Driven out of business by state

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but only a bit. This costly label “font” mandate was one of several state-imposed regulations that drove this small company under.

At its peak, this Chico firm employed 30 people. Since none of them were union members, politicians simply don’t much care that these workers are now unemployed. Indeed, as unemployed, these folks are more likely than ever to vote Democrat. It’s a win-win!

Woof & Poof to cease production in Chico

Nov 7, 2015 2:50 PM by Debbie Cobb

One of the few things actually made in Chico may, sadly, no longer be made in Chico. Woof & Poof C.E.O. and owner Roger Hart said today, the company is having to cease production. Hart made the statement today at the annual warehouse sale.

Every year on the first Saturday of November a sale is held at the warehouse on Orange Street. Woof & Poof products include everything from stuffed… Read More

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