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Jon Coupal


It’s election season and the media has made certain that voters’ attention has been focused on the presidential primaries. But there are hundreds of state and local races, critical to our future that garner very little media attention. On June 7 California Primary voters will take the first step in selecting those candidates who will be elected in November.

Candidates for Congress, the Legislature, county boards of supervisors, city councils, and school boards will become the officials who will have a great say over the caliber of service government provides and the quality of life for all. Some office seekers will be self-serving, interested in being somebody important. Others will genuinely want to accomplish something positive for their constituents. Some will want to provide good value for taxpayers’ dollars, while others will become beholden to special interests who benefit from higher taxes and more spending.

Deciding who is whom, is the challenge.

To read the entire column click here More

Richard Rider

How the $15 minimum wage will price hotel housekeepers out of their jobs

RICHARD RIDER NOTE: There’s been much discussion about how automation — combined with the $15 minimum wage — will price much of the country’s unskilled and low-skilled labor out of their jobs. But automation is just one of many labor-replacing alternatives that businesses doubtless will implement when the pricing justifies it. Consider this latest wrinkle — presented in an article written by my son Steve:

Marriott’s “Help Us Conserve Water” Program Seem More Likely a Reaction to Minimum Wage Increases

by Steve Rider

As a corporate consultant, I travel on business quite frequently. It’s a rare moment when I go through a perfunctory hotel check-in and get asked a question I’ve never heard before. Read More

Barry Jantz

An Ode to Mother’s Day Political Fundraising

Dear family member of candidate,

I appreciate your email to me. I have no doubt your family member is a fantastic mom.

Yet, on Mother’s Day I’m going to spend the time thinking about my mom in heaven, and giving thanks to my wife and the great mother she is to our daughter. I’ll also give thanks for all the moms who do so much to bless their families.

But, if you believe for a second, as a result of your Mother’s Day Fundraising Plea, that I’m going to stop to think about writing a check to your family member, simply because she’s a candidate for office and a mother, you (and she) may be missing the point of the day.

That aside, a happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.… Read More

Richard Rider

Raiders want to move to Las Vegas — income taxes a factor?

The Oakland Raiders are actively courting Las Vegas as their new home — and vice versa. But one factor has not been mentioned in the articles I’ve read on this NFL romance. State taxes.

Because of our sky-high 13.3% California millionaires’ income tax, California teams are at an increasing disadvantage with ALL the other states — especially the income tax free states. Los Angeles and San Francisco teams can offset that disadvantage — both regions offer national media attention — and nationalendorsements.

Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are fine examples of the big endorsement opportunities awaiting California media center athletes. Indeed, they might make more moola from endorsements than they do from their sports salaries!

The pro teams in the secondary CA markets — especially Oakland, Sacramento and San Diego —… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Trump Is The GOP Nominee — Where Does That Leave Me?

The GOP Presidential primary ended fairly abruptly earlier this week. For my part I came home from the seemingly-relevant California Republican Party convention more excited and motivated to help elect Senator Ted Cruz than ever. Having had an opportunity to hear in person from all three candidates at mealtime speeches, the contrast between the three was stark, and clear.

Ted Cruz presented himself as a strong constitutional conservative, an ideologue committed to our United States Constitution and ready to fight to make our nation a better place. Governor John Kasich of Ohio reinforced in his remarks that were he the nominee he would be the latest in a failed lineage that most recently has included John McCain and Mitt Romney — an establishment favorite who would seek to embrace the failed status quo on Capitol Hill rather than reject it.

And then there was Donald Trump. Sitting through his non-substantive remarks, filled with name-calling and one-liners, I found myself anxious for that moment in a serious address when the speaker pivots away from the lighter “icebreaker” introduction and digs into the real issues and challenges facing our nation. The… Read More

Katy Grimes

California Democrats Kill Union Transparency Bills After CPA Exposes SEIU Spending

Assemblywoman ShannonGrove’s fight for public union employees who have been battling the Service Employees International Union for transparency was stilted Wednesday when Democrats killed two bills aimed at opening unions’ books, and allowing more frequent votes on union representation.

After several years of nasty legal battles with the SEIU to see where dues money is spent, the union members came to Grove and asked for her help. She allowed them to draw up two bills attempting at union reforms and transparency.

Grove’s two union reform bills,AB 2753andAB 2754, would require public employee unions to be transparent with how they spend union dues, and a simplified process for union members to affirm or replace the union that represents them.Read More

Contractors Paying Twice for Healthcare? AB 1865 is the Solution.

Imagine walking into a deli and reaching into your wallet for a $10 bill to pay for your sandwich. All of a sudden, the clerk informs you, “Excuse me, but we have a pay twice special and you will have to pay twice for your meal.” Your reaction would probably be that of dismay, bewilderment and anger; followed by a quick and empty-handed departure from the deli.

Now imagine if the Government forced you to buy lunch every day, and if you didn’t pay for it, you would be penalized. This is exactly what employers in the construction field are faced with when they are asked to bid on projects with a Project Labor Agreement (PLA). Instead of lunch, contractors are forced to pay twice for health insurance.

With the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), government has now established a required standard for healthcare in our Country. In construction, non-union contractors are called… Read More

Barry Jantz

Republican Disenchantment

As usual, my vote for a candidate for president in the primary will be meaningless, as it will be in November. I’m used to that in California.

That aside, I’m disenchanted with the GOP, not because Republicans are nominating Donald Trump; but because the country’s Republican leaders are so out of touch with the electorate that — through their own ineptitude — they unwittingly created an environment accepting of him. _____… Read More

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