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Ray Haynes

Why Do Democrats Hate the Working Middle Class? Don’t Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

I was going to write my next article articulating why the Democrats hate the working middle class by pointing out how they systematically enact laws that attempt to replace the choice of California’s families for housing with the left’s definition of “good” housing.

Then, somewhere in the bowels of the bureaucracy of the United State Supreme Court, some drone released a draft opinion of the case where the Supreme Court Justices appear to have voted to reverse Roe v. Wade. Releasing the draft is an unprecedented breach of Supreme Court rules, norms and decorum, and it has caused the left to go completely bonkers.

Let’s leave aside the debate that, in 1972, the US Supreme Court decided that it was smarter than the governments of the 50 states, and decided to replace the decisions of the state legislators and Governors in those states with the decisions of nine people in black robes by creating a “constitutional” right that is not mentioned in the Constitution, and this current decision only sends that decision back to state decision makers. Let’s leave aside the moral debate on what rational constitutional discussion… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

I Just Got Back from a Trip

To Saturn. I was there for six years. Boy, have things changed. I am not talking about Joe Biden being President which is shocking enough. I am referring to the fact that the hottest issue in America is not even climate change. It is people changing gender, what gender you are, how you refer to yourself and teaching children about their gender identity. Wow, things sure changed while I was gone.

When I left, the country was just adjusting to the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. Many people were delighted and the issue of being gay was now a thing of the past. From 1969 to 2015, not even 50 years, Gays went from The Stonewall Riots to being fully accepted. People didn’t care anymore whether someone was gay except for the odd person behind the tree. I had not cared for a long time as certified by the fact my Best Man at my wedding in 1986 was and is gay.

When I left for Saturn, the entire issue was settled. I returned to a massive uproar. I knew the Sparks song All You Ever Think About is Sex, but I figured it was obscure, now it had taken over the nation.

The groups supporting gay rights and gay marriage did not want to say, “we won, we are… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The Coming Campaign Deception

I gravely dislike our constant campaign mode democracy. As soon as we finish a presidential election talk begins about the opposition party’s candidate four years’ hence. As soon as a member of Congress gets installed, they start raising money for the next election cycle. Incumbent senators squirrel away millions significantly in advance of their six-year term ending. Often this leads to deceptions. This 2022 campaign is unique in that it will be filled with deceptions that have been made public and intentional.

Every campaign has its deceptions. The last presidential election was chock full of them. Opponents of Donald Trump believe nothing he says. On the other hand, the prime deception in 2020 centered around the Hunter Biden laptop. Fifty-one “intelligence community experts” were touted by Joe Biden to state that the evidence was “Russian disinformation.” Sixteen months later the New York Times fessed up that its fellow New York paper – The Post –was accurate in reporting the Hunter Biden story that likely would have turned the election.

This round of elections is distinct. After 15 months of the Biden presidency his poll numbers are in the… Read More

Ray Haynes

Why Do Democrats Hate the Working Middle Class? Let’s Look at Crime

In my last article, I talked about how the Democrats “tax rebate” proposal for relief from high gas prices specifically harmed the working middle class. Those who drive to work every day need a tax holiday, not a tax rebate. Democrats in Sacramento don’t want to give that tax holiday, because they hate the working middle class.

For too long, Democrats have tried to dominate the “we care about the working class” agenda. Their evidence for that is that they “support unions,” which really only means they are in the pocket of the union bosses.

The union bosses are not the “working class.” They are the political class, they are part of the “ruling class.” They force the rank and file workers to send them money (as a part of the collective bargaining process) and then take that money and dump it back into the political process, paying for lobbyists and politicians, to get laws enacted that enhance the union bosses’ power. If you are a worker and you don’t want to pay the union money because you don’t think you get anything for it? Tough beans. You have to pay it anyways, and if… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Get a Government Job, Do What You Want

When talking points are created or written, they seem to be automatically rejected by the opposition. Using the term “Deep State” will set a liberal’s hair on fire and cause them not to listen. The question is whether federal employees act in a manner of their choosing as opposed to following the wishes of the President and the presidential appointees. If there are government employees who act as though they are “above” supervision (by the person for whom you voted) you should be steamed. There are and it happens frequently.

I previously wrote about the Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service (SES). The government website states: “Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.” Think Dr. Fauci. Not stated, however, is that they make a lot of money and cannot be fired. If they do not like what the presidential appointee says they can just nod their head, smile, walk away and do what they wish.

A study recently… Read More

Ray Haynes

Why Do Democrats Hate the Working Middle Class

If the last two years have proven anything, it is that the Democrats hate the working middle class.

First, let’s define terms. The working middle class consists of those who get up each morning, drive to work, spend eight to twelve hours a day, either for piece work, by the hour or for a salary, finish their work, drive home, for five or six days a week, to house and feed their family and enjoy their years raising their children. In my youth, the working part of the family usually consisted of the father. Inflation started requiring the work force to include mothers, so that a family could make ends meet, so today, most of the working middle class are mothers and fathers struggling to make ends meet. These workers make the economy work, maintain the social structure, and keep society together. The working middle class pays the bulk of the tax bill, through income, gas, sales and property taxes, and through that, pays for the ever growing government. Without them, the entire system collapses. The other side of this process that rarely gets mentioned is that the taxes paid by the working middle class pays for the cost of the ever growing government, and the… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Giving Our Money Away Again

President Biden thinks his real title is “Spender in Chief,” not Commander in Chief. He is always throwing our money around. It seems every answer he provides has him committing our money without any clear explanation of his authority. His recent failings have caused him to refocus his efforts on a new, but recurring subject – student loans.

Biden is not the only one who wants to spend wildly. He has gotten immense pressure from his party (particularly the Left). Now that the Build Back Better boondoggle has tanked, the Left and other Democrats feel compelled to spend money somehow. They want to relieve the debt from student loans, and they are using the pandemic as a front for their battle on the issue.

Student loan repayments have again been deferred until August 1, 2022, with no interest accruing during the deferred period. Biden had said the deferral to February 1, 2022, would be it, but that did not hold for long. This is the sixth time the repayments have been deferred during the pandemic with zero evidence that the people who owe the loans are not capable of repayment.

The drumbeat for relief rolls on. Katrina vanden Heuvel who writes for the… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Biden Should Stop Chemical War on America

Since Russia has not rolled through Ukraine as was speculated by many people, some have argued that Putin would use more extreme measures. The same people began speculating and the Biden Administration followed stating that Putin was poised to use chemical warfare against Ukraine. Biden should first start with stopping the current chemical war waged against the United States.

When most Americans think about the use of chemical weapons, they think about World War I. The scenes of soldiers wearing gas masks in trenches where chemical weapons were used early on by both sides. Interestingly, there was a pre-war agreement not to fire projectiles carrying the dangerous chemicals so canisters were strategically placed so the wind would cause the chemicals to drift into the opposition’s bunkers.

The destructive aspect of chemical warfare was so universally recognized after World War I that an agreement was made called the Geneva Protocol which was passed in 1925. It was put into force in 1928 to prohibit the use of chemical and biological weapons.

That did not stop the use of these deadly chemicals in multiple military conflicts after adoption of the Protocol.… Read More

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