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Harkey Leads City’s CA Board Patrol Endorsement

Dana Point Councilwoman Diane Harkey lead the effort for her city to endorse the Cal Board Patrol Initiative. On a 5-0 vote last night it passed.

Harkey a co-chair of the initiative, is also a top contender for the 35th Senate seat to be vacated by Sen. John Campbell just after his Dec. 6 Special Election win for Congress.

The number one issue among GOP voters in the 35th is illegal immigration–Harkey has a pretty good head start on capturing the credibility on that important issue.

Assemblyman Tom Harman, also in the race for the 35th has endorsed the initiative.… Read More

A Whole New Meaning to Serving in Public Office

This from the Riverside Press Enterprise . Is this is what happens when the unions take control of the election process ?

For weeks, Randy Logan Hale of Homeland was the Romoland School District phantom candidate. He did not attend board meetings or candidate forums. Yet, in Tuesday’s election, he captured 831 votes and appeared to win one of three vacant seats on the district’s school board. On Wednesday, Hale’s wife, Penny, explained why he’s been so hard to reach. He’s in prison. Read More

Barry Jantz

Zucchet Acquitted in San Diego

This just in this afternoon….resigned Councilman Michael Zucchet acquitted by Judge of "stripper-gate" charges….retrial ordered on two counts only. Read it here.

Interestingly enough, if Zucchet is found not guilty in a new trial, he never needed to resign from the council in the first place. As trial sentencing was pending, the resignation was by his choice.

As noted this morning in SD Winners & Losers, Republican Kevin Faulconer led the field on Tuesday in the primary to fill Democrat Zucchet’s vacancy. Irony of ironies, Zucchet beat out Faulconer in the run-off when originally winning the seat.

Now it’s Faulconer’s for the taking, pending a huge battle in the January run-off election. If you wait by the river long enough, the body of your enemy will float by.Read More

Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt

2005 Election: Doner Than Done

O.K., time to stick a fork in this one. Tuesday’s results in San Bernardino County were a mixed grill of (mostly) road-kill. The GOP performed on par with other counties in terms of support for the propositions compared with Republican registration. The County supported Prop. 73 (58%) and Prop. 75 (50.37%). The rest of the initiatives were defeated. Low turnout didn’t work in the GOP’s favor this time around, with a 36% total turnout and an unusually low 9.97% absentee voter turnout. In local races, with the notable exception of the City of San Bernardino (where Republican Chas Kelley missed getting into the runoff), a majority of the Party’s local endorsed candidates won.

Perspective? Well, you know how sometimes you see a carcass on the highway that’s been so thoroughly flattened you can’t even tell what it was when it walked the earth? If it’s deader than dead, what’s the point of asking what killed it? In a way, that’s how I feel about putting this election into perspective. But I’ll give it a try. We all know that if the people of California… Read More

Jon Fleischman

From Hawaii: Noonan on CA; Interview with John Lewis

Commentary from Paradise: Day 2 on the Big Island (note photo!)

One of my favorite columnists to read is former Reagan speechwriter, Peggy Noonan. She has a regularly featured column in the Wall Street Journal each Thursday (which you can always access under the ‘Columns’ menu at the top of the FlashReport).

In her column, entitled "To Boldly Go…A peppery peep at the postelection players," Noonan references California’s elections (as part of a very lengthy column):

Warren Beatty has been all over the news as the leader of the anti-Schwarzenegger forces in California. He has emerged, and good for him. He’s been making heavily covered speeches and shadowing GOP rallies along with his wife, Annette Bening, a truly great actress. But Wednesday Beatty told reporters, "I don’t want to run for governor." Which leftRead More

Barry Jantz

San Diego Winners & Losers

In the spirit of Jon Fleischman, our illustrious FRFL (Flash Report Fearless Leader), here’s my election list of San Diego’s Winners and Losers:

Mayor-Elect Jerry Sanders – THE BIG WINNER

Duh. A no brainer. Not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination, yet over several weeks Sanders went from the guy who didn’t even request the County Party endorsement in the primary, to the anything-is-better-than-Donna-Frye Party-endorsed candidate a few days later, all the way to apparent GOP darling and ultimate winner. That had much more to do with the local Party closing ranks than Jerry making strides toward a strong GOP philosophy. Sanders proves that nice guys can win. Interestingly enough, former Mayor Dick Murphy was viewed as too nice. Sanders effectively cast aside any comparisons with Murphy by combining decisiveness and effectiveness with a nice-guy image.

Tax Increases – LOSERRead More

Mike Spence

Conservative Turnout: A lesson

Yesterday, Iwas attending a meeting in Sacramento. While there, Eric Hogue, atalk show host in Sacramento was lamenting the lack of turnout in conservative parts of California. You can read his blog here.

Below are some hints at motivating conservatives. Feel free to pass the on to whatever consultants the Governor is still listening too. It is clear to me they and others don’t know how to motivate conservatives.

Before I start, CRA and myself were committed to the four initiatives. I went out an debated 74, 76 wherever I could. That said. Here is the primer:

1. Fight. Conservatives love to fight. They will follow people who fight. Conservatives supported big spending, amnesty wanting Bush in 2004 because he was fighting the left.

The Gov. didn’t start fighting for these Propositions until September. Months after the war had begun. Nothing demoralizes conservatives than seeing someone get beat up and not willing to fight.

Another strain of this thought is that conservatives don’t like talk of compromise or negotiations.… Read More

US Senate Job Posting on

Now that the special election is over, we should begin to focus on the next one just seven short months away. Has anyone noticed that the Republican Party is lacking a U.S. Senate candidate to run against Diane Feinstein?

The conventional wisdom is that Di Fi is unbeatable. Right now I share that belief. If I thought we could win, I would encourage my boss, Congressman Issa to throw his hat in the ring. With that being said, we need to have someone of stature at least put their name on the ballot. It would be embarrassing to have perennial GOP candidate (and Riverside County resident) Danny Ball be our nominee.… Read More

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