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Duane Dichiara

America’s Finest City

So you really want to know what is going on in San Diego?

Regardless of where I am these days I seem to get the same question "What the hell is going on down there in San Diego?" I’m starting to find the question irritating so….

Much of what is happening in San Diego comes down to a story of "campaign finance reform" and it goes a little something like this.

Once upon a time in the 1970’s the leaders in the city of San Diego thought they would do a good deed by giving the city of San Diego one of the strictest campaign finance ordinances in the country. With great booming voices from the sky, they said."there shall be no corporate contributions allowed to candidates running for office in the City of San Diego and all contributions shall be $250 or less. Even independent expenditures shall be made up of contributions of $250 or less."

So, let’s be honest here… It’s true that Republicans should have an easier time raising money in those increments, and we… Read More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

The Thin Blue Line Lets Us Down Again


Fresno Police Officers Association President Jacky Parks, purportedly a Republican, is taking Fresno Mayor Alan Autry to task for having the audacity to support Proposition 76, the Live Within Our Means Act, on the ballot next month as part of Governor Arnold’s reform package. As the Bee’s John Ellis reported Saturday, here, Fresno’s public safety unions are threatening to sever ties with the city in ongoing labor relationships if the Mayor continues to support the Governor’s agenda. Frankly, I say let ’em walk out. I am continually disgusted with public safety siding with the idiotic majority in Sacramento. Further, I think its time for Republican legislators to stand up the cops and fireman and push back a little. Over time, Republicans have been THE law and order and public safety Party. We appoint tough judges, stand for strict sentencing laws and… Read More

Jon Fleischman

No Commentary Today

There is a lot of interesting news today. There is always interesting on the blog. But today I am taking a day off of my commentary. Flash… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Henley has been quiet – good!

I am here at the Eagles concert at Staples Center with CRP Vice Chairman (South) Keith Carlson and his better half, Amy. Somewhere around here is OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh.

So far, the Eagles have been been great, playing all of their great tunes – thus far to include “One of these Nights”, “Witchy Woman”, “Boys of Summer”, “Take it Easy”, “Lyin’ Eyes” and more.

Besides showing off being able to blog from a rock concert – we do need a political tie in – thus we report that, according to Don Henley, Joe Walsh is running for President (again).

Great stuff – I think they are almost done with the “We’re sixty+ and we need a break” break. So we’ll sign off.

Your from Staples Center.


P.S. Hopefully that will be the LAST commentary from Don Henley.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Stephen Bing?

THE MAN WHO WROTE A $4 MILLION CHECK TO STOP FAIR DISTRICTS… How did Hollywood Producer Stephen Bing make his money? Well, you might assume that he spent decades working to climb the Hollywood ladder, working as a waiter or a deliver boy as he struggled to learn the craft of producing movies. Alas, poor Stephen made his money the old fashioned way — he inherited it! When his grandfather, Leo Bing, an accomplished New York real estate mogul, passed away, all of the Bings were able to share in the divvying up of his reputed $600 million fortune. He has certainly parleyed that and now, according to Forbes, is personally worth upwards of three-quarters of a billion dollars.

Bing has a history of generosity for liberal causes – he was a key financier for former President Clinton and his schemes. Bing wrote a check for a million bucks to help finance a Democrat National Convention, and he ponied up another cool million to fight a tax repeal measure on the… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Paycheck Protection Works In Utah…

…It Can Work Here! For anyone who is doubting whether Proposition 75, the Paycheck Protection Initiative on the Special Election Ballot can have on the political coffers of public employee unions, we need look no further than Utah!

In Utah, the Republican-controlled legislature passed Paycheck Protection legislation. The impact on two major union PACs has been significant. The PAC for the Utah Public Employees Association basically went out of business, having zeroed out their PAC balance. And the large (for Utah standards) 16,000 member Utah Education Association (our "CTA") has seen its PAC funds redeced by over 50% in three years.

Don’t take my word for it, you can read it here in this article sent to me by FR Friend Ron Nehring. Jon… Read More

Duane Dichiara

San Diego Board of Supervisors

For at least a decade, the San Diego Board of Supervisors has been an exclusive club – Republican registration "required" for membership. The process of appointing mid-term vacancies rather than electing them has given appointed Republicans enormous electoral advantages in majority Democrat districts. Thus there is much speculation and interest in the fact that Supervisor Ron Roberts has interviewed for the executive position at the Centre City Development Corporation. Roberts’ seat includes much of the heart of the City of San Diego, including most of the African American, Filipino, gay, and working class white neighborhoods. Registration stands at 119,000 Democrat, 76,000 Republican, 61,000 DTS, and 14,000 other. Widespread rumor has Democrat Acting-Mayor Tony Atkins (essentially the Mayor after the resignation of Republican Mayor Dick Murphy until the new Mayor is elected in the November Special Election) exploring the possibility of appointment or election to the seat if Roberts resigns to accept the CCDC position. Atkins, a lesbian who inherited… Read More

Mike Spence

Dreier’s Smooth Move on Illegal Immigration

It is no secret that Congressman David Dreier has been on the hot seat concerning Illegal Immigration. From John and Ken and other talk show hosts to Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley’s anger over his most recent bill. (See my last blog entry) David Dreier has just sent a letter to registered Republicans asking for signatureson the California Border Police Initiative authored by Assemblyman Ray Haynes. I like the "We must stop illegal immigration." part.See it here.

Of course Dreier could use his influence in Congress to pass bills restricting illegal immigration, especially the ones he introduces or spend a small portion of his over $2 million dollars in campaign fundstoRead More

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