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Mike Spence

The Willie Brown of Los Angeles

Wille Brownleft the State Assembly to become Mayor of San Francisco.

What happened there?Brown was a deal maker ,attacked from the hard left, that tried to make big business and developers happy.

NowLA has a Willie Brown style Mayor in Antonio Villaraigosa. He just completed a deal that makes developers of a hotel at Stapels center and the owner of Bonaventure Hotelvery happy. Read it here.

This comes on the heels of a transportation plan for the 405 that utilizes non-union engineers. And his efforts to alleviate rush hour traffic.

He is acting more like Willie Brown every day.… Read More

Jennifer Nelson

Now Showing: Anti-Bush Rhetoric 24/7

There is a lot to love about the Bay Area: the variety of outdoor activities, major league baseball, great food and the drop-dead gorgeous view from the Oakland hills on a sunny October afternoon. But the overwhelming liberalness of the area drives me nuts.

Take the Grand Lake Theater for example. In 2000, Allen Michaan, the owner of this old, beautiful theater, began using his marquee to advertise his political viewpoint. He’s not just promoting liberal causes on his marquee. He is one of these angry liberals who are so full of hate for President Bush that they can’t see straight. He’s never gotten over losing the 2000 election. In 2004, he announced that he wouldn’t enforce the "R" rating for Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit… Read More

Dan Schnur

Non-Partisanship, Or Not

For many years, the League of Women Voters sponsored debates for statewide office in California. The fact that those debates are now sponsored by other organizations is a direct result of the widespread belief among Republicans that the League long ago forfeited its claim to non-partisan status because of the increasingly one-sided partisan activity of its members. To their credit, some of the League’s leaders have begun the process of trying to move their organization back. But they’ve got a big job ahead of them.

Last year, I gave a speech to the League on the question of money in politics. Although I was identified as a Republican, I made it clear at the outset that I had not come to the group with a partisan agenda. I talked about fundraising, campaign spending and about the declining interest in politics and government among young voters. On my way out, one of the members stopped me to thank me for my speech. “I was very upset when I heard a Republican had been invited to speak and I was going to boycott the lunch. But you’re not like the rest of them.”

The woman probably thought she was giving me a compliment.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Redistricting, Congressional Romance, and is the Bush Admin behind Prosper?

Prop. 77 Politics – Ohio and Common Cause There is a ton of stuff in the news today – expect this to only escalate until we get to the Special Election. The most interesting articles surround the Redistricting Measure, Proposition 77. I’m sure FR Beltway Correspondent Jason Roe sighed heavily when he saw today’s Featured Story — that Governor Schwarzenegger has come out in support of a similar redistricting measure in Ohio. Why Ohio? There the tables are turned and it is the GOP that wrote themselves an ‘incumbent protection plan’ – the Governor is trying to make a point – that redistricting should be taken out of the hands of the politicans – everywhere.

Yesterday in San Jose, the Governor paraded out the "yesterday’s news" politicans – former San Francisco Mayor Jordan and… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Prosper to run for Attorney General

Poochigian will need to prove his mettle…twice…

Up until this point, Republicans have been able to sit back and enjoy the beginning volleys in the battle between former Governor-turned-Oakland-Mayor-wanna-be- Attorney-General Jerry Brown and up-and-coming-Demo-Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, as they duke it out to become the Democrat nominee for State Attorney General.

Well respected State Senator Chuck Poochigian from Fresno has been enjoying a clear field, raising over $2 million dollars in a show of strength as a candidate. He has been traveling up and down the state, working hard to court grassroots activists and donors alike.

Today in an interview on KPCC radio, Pierre Prosper, who has been serving since 2001 as a war-crimes prosecutor in the Bush Administration,… Read More

Duane Dichiara

Expanding the Number of Fronts in the War

I won’t pretend to have as much background as Mr. Roe on the national ramifications of California’s redistricting initiative. I have found him to be a reliable indicator of national impacts and trends. I’m actually more concerned, though, with the potential ramifications of the redistricting initiative right here in California.

One unpleasant scenario is the passage of redistricting and the failure of paycheck protection. In that case, the number of real legislative targets increases from, say for example, between 3 and 6 to between 10 and 15. GOP resources would probably stay about the same or increase a bit – enough for Republican Leadership to fully fund give or take half a dozen legislative targets. However, Democrat/Union resources, already grossly superior, could always be increased with additional member assessments which would allow them to compete with superior cash in all of the expanded target seats. The result of this uneven fight might well be to eliminate the Republican Assembly delegation’s “veto” power of budgets and other 2/3 votes.

My argument is not that we should not try to pass the redistricting… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Lynne Leach to run for CA GOP Vice Chairman

Last month, the California Republican Party held its semi-annual convention in Anaheim . By most measures, the convention was a tremendous success for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Governor had not only well-timed his “I’m running for reelection” announcement (great news for a GOP that had already endorsed his bid for second term in advance) – but he also came into the convention having just promised to veto a prominent homosexual marriage bill, and at the convention luncheon, he announced his official support for Proposition 75, the Paycheck Protection Measure. Party Chairman Duf Sunheim and Vice Chairman Ron Nehring were very prominent at the convention (as they should be) as well, speaking to groups, at meal functions and at the general session.Read More

A Touch of Grey

This post rightly shouldbe called Gimme Shelter but that’s just too negative for this positive story…

I’mthinking of the refrain….Every Silver Lining has a Touch of Grey….of the Dead’s bittersweet hit because a very positive eventhappened to some folks who desperately need a sliver lining added to their lives.

Tried to blog via my pda from the homeless shelter I was invited to help at yesterday…couldn’t do it…I’m an idiot…but something very cool happened yesterday nonetheless and I’m sorry it had to wait till this morning to post it.

To be sure, nothing earth shattering like the content Fleischman blogged from that goofy Eagles concert he attended ( I almost quit knowing he likes the Eagles)… but hopefully somebody will find a take away point from this…I hope so…that’s my intent.

I spent the day with a neighbor of mine, a very conservative Texan… blue collar guy, had a tough go of… Read More

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