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Richard Rider

If Roy Moore were a TRUE patriot, he’d pledge NOW to resign — AFTER his successor was elected in a special election.

What is a “patriot”? Definitions vary (Google it), but here’s my definition:A patriot is someone who loves their country, and is willing to make any sacrifice for the protection and betterment of that country.

Thus far, Republican Roy Moore has not met that standard. He wants to be a U.S. Senator, regardless of what damage he does to the country and to the effectiveness of his political party that (sorta) encompasses his conservative ideals.

But he’s got a problem. His allies are telling him “If you are guilty as charged of sexual abuse, you should resign.” In other words, if he resigns, he is tacitly admitting that the charges are true. He vigorously contests these charges, so naturally he doesn’t want to plead guilty to them in the court of public opinion. I understand that.

He may well win his upcoming election, but if he does, it appears that longer term he will become the Democrats’ poster child (well, after Trump), smearing the GOP as anti-women. With John Conyers and Al Franken resigning, Moore is in an untenable situation.

But Moore’s election is a… Read More

Richard Rider

If Texas and California switched governments . . . .

Imagine this “Twilight Zone” scenario: Somehow overnight the states of California and Texas swapped their laws and governments. All the CA state and local laws and taxes were now the law in Texas, and all the Texas laws and taxes now ruled in California. The politicians magically switched states as well.

Moreover, the electorate could not change this permanent switch of governments — ya get what ya get in the Twilight Zone. Let’s not allow reality to intrude in this science fiction scenario.

Consider: In 10 years, how many people and firms would remain in Texas? Unless you’re in the cattle or oil business, you’d probably move to California — certainly you’d move OUT of Texas. Indeed, businesses and prosperous folks would FLOCK to California from around the nation — the weather and geographic attributes combined with a great economic climate would be an incredible magnet for those seeking a better life. Texas would quickly become a barren rural backwater.

People vote with their feet. The resulting mass migration would tell us all we need to… Read More

Katy Grimes

We All Get Screwed In Capitol Affairs

The same leftist culture that created rabid feminism is now condoning victim worship of all females who claim sexual harassment and assault – even before the facts are out. It’s apparent the left is confused, and really doesn’t stand for anything — except for their goal to completely destabilize and destroy traditional America.

Power and Corruption

Many years ago I remember being told by a veteran old-school police officer that there are no victims; we put ourselves in situations in which we can be victimized. In his world of crime and punishment, so few people he saw “victimized” were blameless – other than children, who are not to blame for what predatory adults do to them.

Inside, in the California State Capitol, where power and corruption go together like bacon and… Read More

Richard Rider

CA Treasurer Chiang’s cure-all for sexual harassment — race and sex quotas!

Sooooo, with the Pension Tsunami bearing down on California state and local governments, our crackerjack State Treasurer John Chiang has a new proposal — to dramatically reduce the nation’s sexual harassment by mandating demographic “diversity” quotas for the boards of directors of our nation’s corporations. Say what??

Isn’t our California state legislature and its employees HIGHLY diversified — controlled by Democrat leaders who champion women’s rights? How’s that working out?

Hint: It’s not. Sexual harassment is rife in our stateRead More

Katy Grimes

Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson Bill Ignores Legislature’s Sexual Harassment; Targets Private Biz

The California Legislature has had at least 30 sexual harassment claims/investigations in the last 10 years. ButDemocrat State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara, who has held legislative office 1998-2004 as an Assemblywoman, and has been in the Senate since 2012, prefers to attack the private sector.

Democrat State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara introduced a bill in August 2017 that… Read More

Katy Grimes

Assembly Hearing To Expose and Reform CA’s Predatory Political Scene

Alleged sexual harasser Democrat Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra announced his resignation from the Legislature Monday. But does anyone really think anything will change inside the predatory state Capitol?

Last week I was critical of Bocanegra’s faux resignation, when he announced he would leave at the end of his term in December 2018. “‘Not seeking reelection is not a resignation,” I wrote.

Let me make one thing very clear: Raul Bocanegra will not suffer. He will not be jobless and on unemployment. He will not have to reinvent himself. He will not take a blue collar job. What will the Quid Pro Quo be? He has already been promised a soft landing, in a… Read More

Donald Wagner

Fixing Broken Discount Drug Program Helps Most Vulnerable in our Communities

For the past several years, progressive politicians here in the Golden State and around the nation have made it their personal missions to demonize the pharmaceutical industry and the costs of prescription drugs. The politicians do this while betraying absolutely no understanding of the basic economics driving the industry, an industry not devoid of its share of challenges and imperfections, but also one with stunning, life-extending and life-enhancing successes. Unfortunately, the demonizing comes at the expense of jeopardizing continued successes.

This is not to say that the pharmaceutical industry does not need sensible regulatory oversight. It does, and, as with any industry, we shouldn’t hesitate to shine a bright light on and hold the “bad actors” accountable if they take advantage of the people they are to serve.

But sometimes, that “bad actor” is the government itself.

Twenty-five years ago, Congress created the so-called 340B drug discount program. It was a good idea at the time, requiring pharmaceutical companies to provide discounted outpatient drugs to clinics and hospitals in areas that serve the uninsured, underinsured, and… Read More

Katy Grimes

CA Supreme Court Decision ‘Preordained’ by Jerry Brown



California Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrat-supermajority State Legislature hold the state Supreme Court’s purse strings. Evidence of this can be found in the MondayCalifornia Supreme Court 7-0 decisionin the Gerawan Farming case.

Read More

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