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Katy Grimes

John Cox Takes On California’s ‘Out-of-Touch Elites’

California Gubernatorial candidate John Cox has a message for California voters: “Help is on the way.”

If you ask Cox what he’s talking about, you’ll get a very clear answer: “Once the land of promise and opportunity, California today is on the brink of financial insolvency, thanks to the failed policies of the Jerry Brown Liberal Politicians.”

“All around the world people are rising up against corruption in government. … I’m going to clean out the barn in Sacramento,”Cox told Fox News the morning after… Read More

Katy Grimes

‘New Way California’ is Wrong Way

An odd group of Republican centrists and political has-beens formedNew Way Californiaearlier this year. They claim New Way is needed because they are “committed to policies that increase opportunities for all Californians.”

Read More

Katy Grimes

The Sniveling Outbursts of the Lefty Toddler Media

Some years back, during the George W. Bush administration, I remember Dennis Prager explaining the toddler-like hysterics of the left: “If you want to understand the Left, the best place to start is with an understanding of hysteria. Leading leftists either use hysteria as a political tactic or are actually hysterics.”

Flash forward a dozen years to 2018 and it appears that the hysterical left is even more unhinged — think of a hitting, kicking, biting, scratching toddler in a tantrum.

Kids have temper tantrums because the parts of their brain that allows them to think logically isn’t developed yet.Parenting expertsrecommend appealing to your toddler’s emotions as you try to stop the tantrum. Instead of asking logical questions like, “Why are you crying,” and “Use your words and… Read More

Katy Grimes

CA Dems Paint Rosy Picture of Failing California

The future of California is not looking as rosy as the state’s Democrat Party politicians want us to believe. Whenever challenged on the stability of his economy, Gov. Jerry Brown’s knee-jerk retort is, “Californiais the fifth largest economy on the planet,” as if the size of the economy in the most populous statein the nation is relevant. With nearly 40 million people, California now feels and looks like a Banana Republic in the cities, as well as rural areas in the state.

Whether you are forced to check the public defecation map to navigate the streets of San Francisco, are on the 57 freeway in Santa Ana looking at miles of homeless tent cities and camps, or you are dodging heroin-addicted homeless zombies around the State Capitol and on residential streets in Sacramento, the results are the same —Nearly one-third of the nation’s homeless population lives in… Read More

Katy Grimes

Lawsuit Hearing To Remove Xavier Becerra as California Attorney General

Should the powerful be allowed to ignore or change the laws they don’t agree with? Of course not. But that issue is at the heart of a lawsuit filed in May by former Attorney General candidate Eric Early against the unelected, appointed California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who is running to keep his office. The case was heard Friday morning in Sacramento Superior Court.

When Becerra filed his election paperwork with the California Secretary of State, he represented that he was qualified for the position of Attorney General. However, according to Early, Becerra had been unlicensed by the California State Bar Association for 26 years when Gov. Jerry Brown appointed him, and continues to be unqualified for the elected position based on California Election Code.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s legal team however, admonished the judge in… Read More

Richard Rider

California — an anti-housing state — has lower home ownership rates than all but two states

Here’s the most recent figures on home ownership, by state. Not surprisingly, 47 states have higher homeownership rates than California. We are 48th. Hawaii — where everything but sun and surf has to be imported by boat or plane — is 49th. CA is essentially tied with Hawaii — or they are essentially tied with us (take your pick).

50th is NY. California politicians LOVE NY — the state that often keeps CA from being the worst at whatever.

I suppose some will be surprised that the Golden State is “only” 48th. Revel in our success.

One point must be made — it’s not the high demand in CA that keeps houses out of reach of many families. It’s government-imposed housing scarcity, combined with high CA building costs — especially huge building fees,

How scarce is CA housing? Consider: The housing is fare cheaper in Texas than CA for a reason. In Texas, government is friendly to home builders — rather… Read More

Richard Rider

CA public employee unions collect $900 MILLION annually in dues. MOST is spent on poltics.

The excellent analysis below from the CALIFORNIA POLICY CENTER (and my write-up) is a “must read” — especially for Californians. Unions rule. More specifically, GOVERNMENT unions rule.

Our CA state and local public employee labor unions collect about $900 million in dues annually. How does that spending affect politics? Consider:

Most projections of public employee labor union political power are limited to FEDERAL and sometimes STATE government REPORTED union spending. While it’s a huge factor (especially at the state level), it is DWARFED By government union political spending at the local level.

How much of the $900 million in annual CA public labor union dues is spent on politics? Nobody (outside of the union bosses) knows.

It’s carefully concealed by the unions — with government complicity. There is noRead More

Katy Grimes

Jerry Brown’s California: Socialist, Climate-Compulsive, Open Borders Utopia

Food or Fish, Liberty or Oppression, Victim or Fighter? We Californians have many decisions to make about our future, thanks to ourmaniacal third-World wanna-be dictator-Governor Jerry Brown –a childless Marxist, who cares only about himself. Brown has never lived a life that calls upon one to sacrifice for the benefit of one’s own family and children. And it shows.… Read More

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