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Ray Haynes

Thank You President Donald Trump

About a year ago, I wrote an article about what I thought it would take to tear down the lockdown. The article,titled “Challenge an Arrogant Authoritarian, Go to Church,” advocated peaceful, nonviolent resistance to the illegal orders then being issued by the Governor of California, allegedly justified by his “emergency powers.” I made the argument that the orders made by the Governor, as the orders applied to the “free exercise” of religion, discriminated against churches. If you were a big box store, like Home Depot or Walmart, you could let people in. If you were a church, you couldn’t. I received a number of comments from political and legal types around the state that my Constitutional analysis was wrong. This weekend the US Supreme Court, now that Justice Amy Coney Barrett had joined the court, agreed with my analysis. They didn’t go as far as I would have, I would have let freedom ring, and let churches sing, but reopening the church is a good start, and I dare any government official to try and stop a group of nonviolent protestors for religious freedom from singing about Jesus. Like before, I counsel the pastors… Read More

Richard Rider

COVID-19 kills men FAR more often than women. But what if it were the other way around?

Unequal statistical outcomes prove discrimination. Ask any progressive.

Any time one (preferred) group is doing less well than another less favored group, for liberals it’s conclusive evidence of racism, misogyny,sexism — whatever. But the use of such statistical “proof” is clearly a one way street.

For instance, Asian men and women make more than whites. And a LOT more than any other race. The press doesn’t cover this fact because it drives a stake into the heart of “white privilege” identity politics.The phenomenal success of Asian immigrants to America is why most liberals probably secretly hate Asians.

EXCERPT:Asian women and men earned more than their White, Black,Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Teachers’ Unions — Killing the Competition

Suppose “New Burger” (a new chain of burger joints) opened to great reviews – perhaps something that is not very surprising. What would be surprising is if McDonald’s decided it was going to throw all of its massive resources at New Burger to kill it off. If McDonald’s made charges that New Burger was not operating within the law or selling tainted meat that would be quite surprising. You would probably wonder why an operation with over 38,000 locations was so desperate to kill off the competition. Of course, McDonald’s would never do that. They are used to operating in a competitive environment. Sadly, this scenario does not apply to the teachers’ unions; they will try to strangle any competition.

This was brought to light recently when the teachers (backed by their unions) decided to not show up to classrooms because of COVID-19. They complained it was a safety issue, but it really wasn’t. The teachers were not personally affected as they continue to “teach” remotely and receive their full salary, health care and retirement benefits.

Parents decided that the remote learning was not providing their children a proper education and started to… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Lockdowns are Killing Us

We are now nearly a year into the most self-destructive social experiment in the recorded history of human civilization.

On this day a year ago, we enjoyed the greatest economic expansion in our lifetimes. Thepoverty ratewas the lowest in 60 years. Theunemploymentrate was the lowest in 50 years.Wage growthwas the strongest in 40 years. Thewage gapwas narrowing, with blue collar wages growing the fastest. Unemployment rates for… Read More

Ray Haynes

Lessons From History: The Recall is Good, But Not a Cure-All

No one deserves to lose their job more than our Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian in Chief (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom. ALAIC Newsom personifies all that is wrong with a government gone wild. He doesn’t respect the individual, cares little about freedom or the Constitution, believes that government, and the people that run it, are imbued with some special knowledge that allows them to control individual behavior in any way the government wants. He believes he is smarter than the rest of us, and, for that reason, he can do what he wants while we have to follow his orders. That is why he so richly deserves the title (ALAIC) he has worked hard to earn. He is arrogant, he is lazy, and he is an authoritarian. He should lose his job, and we should help him do that. That is why the recall that looks like it is going to get on the ballot should succeed.

But to my conservative friends, I offer a warning. Recalls are not a cure all. I point back to the last one, that led to Arnold Schwarzenegger being Governor. I was involved in that effort from the beginning, when I spoke at the rally on the Capitol steps in February of 2003, to the early planning stages in February and March… Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

In Opposition to the FY 2021 Budget Resolution

Two Trillion dollars in revenues. Six trillion dollars in spending. This is madness.

This is how countries commit fiscal suicide: force the economy to shut down and then hand out government checks.

The problem, of course, is that government does not finance the economy. It is the economy that finances the government. And when you wantonly destroy millions of jobs by forcing small businesses to shutter, by cancelling construction and energy production across the country; when you flood the labor market with millions of illegal immigrants (all at a time when millions of Americans are out of work), you shut down the economy and you shut down the tax revenues that the economy produces and that the government spends.

And so we borrow instead. This budget requires $4 trillion in borrowing. From where will it borrow this $4 trillion? From the future earnings of YOUR family, of course.

Let’s add this up. There are 129 million households in the United States. FOUR Trillion dollars comes to $31,000 added to the debt of EVERY household in America at the average. This isn’t theoretical – that’s real money that WILL be repaid by every… Read More

Tim Coyle

Waivers for Homeless Housing

Rumor has it that in order to expedite the construction of housing for the homeless – something 2/3 of “street people” don’t want – California officials say they as an emergency measure are going to waive some restrictive permitting regulations and policies. Top billing among the waivers will go to CEQA.

CEQA is the California Environmental Quality Act and has been around since the early 1970’s, when it was signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan. Indeed, when it was being debated early in 1970, CEQA was to be the state’s premier environmental law.

Yet, today – instead of it protecting California’s vast environmental treasures – CEQA has become the first and last local land-use hurdle you have to clear if you want to build anything in this state. It can take years, and it costs. It’ll keep you in and out of court for years – all the while you are paying exorbitant legal fees.

To traverse the CEQA process a land user (developer) – before a project can be approved – must mitigate all of the impacts on the environment, loosely defined, including the areas that surround it.

For example, if the project has any impact… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The Robinhood Earthquake

We don’t have enough things on our plates. We needed this. We have a Congress trying to impeach a president who is no longer president. We have a new president trying to set a world record for executive orders. We have people calling everybody either racists or white supremacists. Oh and then there is the pandemic. The good news is we have vaccines. The bad news is many of our state governments are too inept to get the vaccines into the arms of our citizens. Then along comes this story out of nowhere that rocks our stock markets and will certainly redefine our markets going forward.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Robinhood is a securities firm that was formed in 2013 and became active in March of 2015. Its purpose was to redefine the ability to invest in the stock market without charging for trades. In 1971, Charles Schwab redefined trading in the stock market by becoming a discount brokerage house. Slimmed down services with substantially lower fees. Forty-plus years later, two guys decided to redefine access to the markets.

Their no fee platform was immediately attractive to millennials. They were used to no fee platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The… Read More

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