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Katy Grimes

The Next State Scandal: California Fish and Game Commission

The Fish and GameCommission Ignores California State Legislature – So, Who Has Oversight?

Given the recent criticism surrounding the California Fish and Game Commission, it’s only a matter of time before a state investigation is launched looking into their actions.

Assemblyman Adam Gray, D-Merced, addressed the California Fish & Game Commissionin February about legislation dealing with Bobcat trappings. Gray explained the legislative intent of Assembly Bill 1213, dealing with bobcat trappings, and said the legislature voted on the bobcat trapping bill with the anticipation that any decisions would be scientific and fact based. Gray asked the commission to hold to the Legislature’s findings, which narrowed the bill from a complete statewide ban “…because of the lack of reliable Bobcat assessments in California, and impact on local businesses which rely on hunting and trapping,” Gray explained. See the video:Read More

Jon Fleischman

Lois Lerner’s Humane Society Drives Anti-Hunting Agenda In California

Internal Revenue Service Czarina of Tax Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner was not only targeting religious and conservative organizations, she was also shielding liberal groups from undergoing the exact same scrutiny. This latest disclosure in the spreading IRS scandal comes from Missouri Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, who in May, 2010 brought his constituents’ complaints against Humane Society abuses directly to the attention of Czarina Lerner.

While the conservative organizations targeted by Lerner were seeking 501c4 tax exempt status (which permits political activity), it turns out the overtly political Humane Society was receiving tax-deductible contributions as a 501c3 organization, a classification that includes foundations and which must strictly limit any political action.

As a result of Luetkemeyer’s diligent pursuit of the matter, Fox News jumped on the case, reporting that not only had Lerner stonewalled Congressional calls for an investigation, but that Lerner was an active supporter of the Humane Society. Fox also discovered that, despite the impression left by the Humane Society’s polished television ads depicting adorable pets for… Read More