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John Hrabe

FPPC’s Power to Regulate Drudge, Out-of-State Sites

(This piece is cross-posted from Read it here.

California’s chief political watchdog, Ann Ravel, recently announced plans to regulate political websites that accept payments from campaigns.California bloggers right, left and center quickly criticized the proposal for quashing free speech and putting them at a disadvantage to out-of-state competitors.

“The Internet is global,” wrote Mark Paul on his blog, the California Fix. “The commission’s jurisdiction is limited to California. If campaigns find it useful to make payments to online sock puppets, won’t they funnel the dollars to bloggers living outside the state? Do we want to send jobs out of California?”

Out-of-state competition might not be a problem, say some legal experts, because California’s Fair Political Practices Commission could cross state lines and police out-of-state blogs and websites, including international news… Read More

John Hrabe

Free Alternatives to the LA Times Paywall

March 5, 2012, will go down in history as a dark day for the Los Angeles Times. That’s because today marks the beginning of the paper’s new paywall.If you hadn’t heard about the change, you’re probably among the thousands of readers that have stopped reading the Times over the past decade.

The Los Angeles Times’ new paywall will only hurt the Los Angeles Times and its reporters. LA Times readers, don’t waste the money on a digital subscription. All these years, the Times has been holding you back. Use this is as your opportunity to switch to free alternatives that deliver better content.

As someone who has spent the past three years helping aggregate news, I promise you’ll find all the best coverage on local, state, federal and international news without ever visiting

International Content: Global Post and Foreign have better international coverage than the limited stories supplied by the Times. With Foreign, you… Read More