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Congressman John Campbell

President Obama’s Phone Call

President Obama: I am no fan of the president. That will not come as a surprise to any of you “laptop report” readers. But, just a couple hours ago (I am writing this on Friday evening from Washington, DC) the president gave a news conference that reached a new low for any politician in my memory – let alone a president.

He started the press conference describing how he had a phone call on which he was negotiating with the president of Iran. He extolled the virtues of “diplomacy” and “negotiation” in his engagement with Iran.

Last Friday, President Obama made another call. This one was to Speaker John Boehner. As has been widely reported, he told the speaker that he would absolutely not negotiate on the debt limit. His press secretary yesterday likened Republicans to terrorists saying, in reference to Republicans, “…we’re not negotiating with people who have a bomb strapped to their chest.”

So, let’s get this straight: The president has no problem negotiating with a leader of a country whose government has called for the extermination of all Jews, has directly sponsored terrorism… Read More

Congressman John Campbell

Fix It: Episode III

Fix It: Episode III – The episodic thing makes me feel like I am writing the next Harry Potter or something. OK, enough fantasizing. On to the real stuff.

Energy: The “fix” for our energy problems is actually one of the simpler ones. And, the reason it is simple is not because of any action of Congress or the President. It is not even because of our founding fathers. It comes from God.

This country is blessed with enormous natural resources. We have more coal than any other country on earth. We can make electricity from coal. We also have enough natural gas, by some estimates, to last us for a century. We make electricity from natural gas. We have a number of nuclear plants that generate electricity and we can build more. And, we have rivers to create hydroelectric power which can be harnessed to create more power should we need it. I have just described four sources that currently create more than 90% of all the electricity in this country. And, we can expand them all if we want or need to without importing anything from any other country.

But, you say, you haven’t mentioned anything about our… Read More