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Arnold to tap major Democrat to be his Chief of Staff


by Jon Fleischman - Publisher (bio) (email)(print)

11-29-2005 6:02 pm
The rule of six (if I hear at least six credible people tell me something, then as a confirmed rumor, I run with it) has struck again.  I previously reported on rumors that Pat Clarey, the Governor's Chief of Staff (and a loyal Republican) would be stepping aside after the special election.  Read that story here.

Well, apparently the Governor has decided to name Susan Kennedy as his Chief of Staff. 

I am sure that if this plays out, Kennedy will be vetted by many who know her well.  I can only judge her political ideology based on her resume, which includes these highlights (seriously, I am NOT making this up):

Kennedy has spent nearly the last three years as Gray Davis' appointee to the State Public Utilities Commission.  Before that, she was a Deputy Chief of Staff and Cabinet Secretary for the infamously recalled Governor.  (Kennedy's resume on the PUC website boasts that she was responsible for 'development of $100 billion state budget)

Before working for Gray Davis, Kennedy served as Communications Director and a senior staff member to Democrat United States Senator Dianne Feinstein (where, according to her own resume, she assisted the Senator with the development of legislation and policy initiatives...).

This next paragraph is straight from her resume (how could I improve on this):

Kennedy previously served as Executive Director of the California Democratic Party and as Executive Director of the California Abortion Rights Action League. She managed two of the most successful Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns in recent California history, including the 1992 Coordinated Campaign for Clinton/Gore and the 1998 Coordinated Campaign that elected Governor Gray Davis.

Right now I am a little bit shocked by this 'confirmed rumor' - actually, I would call it a 'very confirmed rumor' at this point.

I am not sure how Governor Schwarzenegger expects Republicans to react to this appointment.  This is not an appointment to some peripheral position in his administration.  The Chief of Staff is the most central role on the Governor's entire staff. 

I think it would be premature to comment on a rumor, even a 'very confirmed' one at this point.  But you can be sure that there will be a lot of questions, frustrations, concern and anger from the base if this turns out to be true.

While Republicans are not a majority in California by a long shot, there are still many million of us out here.  It doesn't seem plausible that there was not one person who could ably serve in this capacity who agrees with the Governor's general philosophy enough to register in the same political party as he does.

Well, let's see how this plays out...


PS:  I will offer an open invitation to any and all, whether in the administration, or friends thereof, or friends of Susan Kennedy (or Ms. Kennedy herself if this reaches her) to reach out to me, and help me understand why this appointment should not be interpreted as the big kiss-off to the GOP base.

[Any info on this can be sent anonymously (or not, if you choose) to me here.]

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