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Top Ten Hottest Sacramento Lobbyists


by Adam Probolsky - Orange County (bio) (email)(print)

8-14-2006 8:17 am
This has got to be one of my more shallow contributions to the Flash Report, but here goes...

My summer intern stumbled upon the Secretary of State's web page on registered Sacramento lobbyists.  Since there was not much intern work last week, we decided we would totally subjectively objectify the women lobbyist and choose ten that were deserving of this list.

If there was any questions before: YES ladies this is exactly what men do in the office.


Heather Dion
Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.

Shaudi Falamaki
Schott & Lites Advocates, Inc.

Amalia Chamorro
University of California Student Association

Robyn Black
Aaron Reed & Associates, LLC

Phyllis Marshall
Manatt, Phelps & Phillip, LLP

Valerie Rose
Government Strategies, Inc.

Danielle Hall
The Wilson Group LLC

Jennifer Fischer
California Alternative Payment Program Association

Erin O'Keefe
Lehman-Kelly-Sadler & O'Keefe

Lisa Folberg
California Medical Association

Did I miss someone who's picture on the SOS web site does not do them justice?  Do you hate me for making this list?  Feel free to email me at
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Yes, it is what men do in the office. Not a bad list, either.


If your interns need something more important to do, we have six Victory '06 field offices in Orange County. Surely one of these offices are conveniently located near Probolsky and Associates. Now get back to work!!!


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