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Matt Rexroad is a partner at Meridian Pacific and a Yolo County Supervisor from Woodland.

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Ok -- I will say something if no one else will


by Matt Rexroad - Statewide (bio) (email)(print)

10-31-2007 9:47 am
There seems to be an elephant in the web that people are not willing to deal with.

For several years many Republicans were not happy with the performance of Congress on a host of issues. 

Many people want to blame Iraq as the reason that Republicans lost control of Congress. Nope.  That is why the far left was upset.  The reason Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have bigger offices in Washington is that Republicans were viewed as corrupt.  That is how the people in the middle viewed it anyway.  Corruption is why Republicans lost a majority of Congress.

With the exception of the one rocket scientist with the cash in his freezer the other high profile cases have involved Republicans.

Yesterday when I read the LA Times story about Orange County Sheriff Corona I could not believe what was happening ...again.

Sheriff Corona is now going to be one of many Republican office holders in the country that is going to fight corruption charges and make headlines almost every day.  The word Republican and corruption will be in every story, every day, every time.

This continued drum beat about corruption and Republican office holders is not a policy disagreement that can be won in the court of public opinion.  It is something that is going to cost us seats in Congress and State Legislatures all across the country.  

I realize many of you are strong supporters of several of these elected officials under fire.  This is a tough time and I feel for you.  Loyalty is a great thing.  However, what about those other hard working business people, police officers, teachers, and others that will run as Republicans and lose or won't run at all because of the atmosphere being created?

This should have ended with Duke Cunningham going to jail and freak show Mark Foley going away.  It has not.  It just keeps coming.

When is it about the elected official and when is it about the ideas of limited government and personal freedoms that Republicans stand for?
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Mike Carona is going to have to fight this lonely battle himself.

I would suggest GOP activists to jump ship and find other battles worth fighting for.

Nevertheless, indictment is not a pretty setting for any office holder, especially when it comes to a Republican.

I was sad to see Jon doing crisis PR for Carona in this case per the LA Times article this morning. Jon has been excellent at hammering away at some corrupt Congress members here in California. It seems to me he has a big double standard going though when it comes to his former and now current employer. Mike Carona is done politically with these indictments.

Allan, I wanted to make it clear that I am not paid in any way by Mike Carona or the Sheriff's Department. Yesterday I volunteered some time to help coordinate a bunch of interviews so that Mike and Debbie could share their thoughts. They have been friends of mine for a very long time.

I don't begrudge you helping out some friends Jon. The whole situation is sad. Mr Rexroad is right to say that this is going to have collateral damage effects on other Republicans running for office unless corrective action is taken. That is why the Sheriff should resign ASAP. Calling for other Republicans to step down because of their corruption while defending Mike Carona just rings very hollow for me.

I could care less about the good of the Republican Party, Carona misuse of power over the years and now alleged felonies is plenty to call for his immediate resignation. This seems to me to be a classic case of power corrupting a once worthy man. I'll give Jon the benefit of the doubt that he is standing by and helping a friend in his darkest hour, but as a citizenof the OC I feel its time the Sheriff takes the last honorable option he has left and steps aside.

Loyalty is one of the most treasured character traits in this business, not least
because it is so rare.

Mr. Fleischman did not turn his back on friends in a crisis. That is admirable.

Meanwhile, the legal system will eventually tell us whether the accusations are
true or false.

And a few other names of California Democrats who recently lost their offices
due to corruption charges: (1) Kevin Shelley, ex-Secretary of State and
(2,3) San Diego city council members Ralph Inzunza and Michael Zucchett,
who resigned in 2005 after Federal felony convictions involving regulation of
Strip Clubs.

The truth is that there is corruption in both parties and it seems to be a byproduct of political power.

Which ever party has control of congress always seems to have some problems with a few members stepping over the line. That probably says more about the human ability to give a pass to people on our own side than anything else, but I don't know how you change that.

As for Mike Carona, I personally would be stunned if the Orange County Board of Supervisor's didn't immediately place the Sheriff on some type of leave (probably with pay) to deal with the issues he is facing, but I must admit on the calls for him to step down, I always hesitate to support a call for an elected politician to resign his or her office because of charges by law enforcement. This case doesn't seem to have anything to do with Carona's political opposition, but in a lot of cases that have wound up in court, politics was the driving factor. It is a whole lot easier to charge than to convict. But however this turns out, it is another black eye for Orange County government which is too bad.

Jon, just make it clear that:

1. You have no firsthand knowledge of Carona doing any thing wrong or taking part in it yourself.

2. Since you are friends with him and probably not Congressman Lewis, I can see that point of not going after him as much. However, if the evidence becomes clear that he does need to step down and is guilty, you should let us your loyal readers know as well.

Paul, I have no knowledge whatsoever of the Sheriff doing anything illegal. I say this knowing him for fifteen years, and working as Deputy Director for Media Relations at the Sheriff's Department for over five years (I left there last summer) -- let alone participating myself in anything illegal.

With regards to Jerry Lewis, I have never called on Lewis to resign, but have have OVER AND OVER called on him to retire. But not because of illegal activities. I am aware of Federal probes into Lewis, and if those result in him ultimately being convicted, of course he should be rolled out of office. My reason for wanting Lewis out is his love for pork-barrel spending and egregious earmarks.

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