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GOP Candidates Reject Log Cabin Support


by Jon Fleischman - Publisher (bio) (email)(print)

5-1-2008 4:25 pm
Besides Assembly candidate Brian Nestande in the 64th A.D., who commented in my original post further down, and "rejected" the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans, check out this note I got from conservative GOP Assembly candidate Paul Hegyi in A.D. 10...


Fighting for traditional values has been an important part of my campaign.  My focus on those issues is clear on my website, "And let's not mince words about what 'strong values' means. Strong values mean a commitment to keeping families whole, to protecting the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman, to defending the sanctity and culture of life, and making sure our 2nd Amendment rights are not encroached upon."

That's why I've been endorsed by the Family Action PAC and noted conservatives such as Karen England (Executive Director of the Capitol Resource Institute), State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth and former Assemblyman Tony Strickland.

To be honest, I was SHOCKED when I saw that the Log Cabin Republicans included me on their endorsement list.  At the most recent California Republican Party Convention I was a strong supporter of the party platform put together by Michael Schroeder, Jon Fleischman and Mike Spence that clearly included protection of marriage as a plank.  I support Proposition 22, I endorse the current Defense of Marriage initiative and I oppose recent laws that have expanded civil unions in California because I believe they fundamentally undermine the institution of marriage.

I neither sought nor welcome the Log Cabin endorsement.  When I received their questionnaire I laughed and threw it away.  It amazes me that an organization would endorse where not asked and without having the complete story.

Paul Hegyi

Orange County State Senate candidate Harry Sidhu, who receieved the LCG endorsement responded today by endorsing the Traditional Marriage Initiative -- another endorsement they might want to pull!

One would assume that unless they are heaving "hostile" endorsements on candidates, whether they want them or not, that the Log Cabin GOPers will "unendorse" these two Republican candidates...  ??

P.S.  I did get a somewhat lengthy e-mail from Log Cabin California Director James Vaughn, attempting to explain their endorsement criteria.  But it was confusing to me.  It basically said that they didn't use "gay issues" but rather just "Republican" issues to choose whom they endorsed.  There was something about Republicans having the same position on marriage as Senator Barbara Boxer (huh?)...  Very confusing.  Perhaps Vaughn will elaborate in a comment to this post.
I'll let you know if I hear from other LCG endorsed GOPers!

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I don't know what the internet protocol is for 'lifting' a comment. So I will just attribute it. James Vaugh, of the Log Cabin Club, put this comment under the post I link above to the Sidhu endorsement of the Protect Marriage Initiative...

James Vaughn said:

Log Cabin Republicans Remind Harry Sidhu “You Asked for Our Help and Support”

Laguna Hills, CA – Log Cabin Republicans responded to a press release from Assembly candidate Harry Sidhu regarding his statement about a Log Cabin Republican endorsement as follows:

“Harry Sidhu’s consultants need to remember that he asked our past Chairman John Karczynski Ferguson to host a fundraiser for his campaign. Mr. Sidhu is very familiar with John’s involvement with Log Cabin Republicans and when asked how we could support him, he suggested a fundraiser, which was promoted on the web site. We know that his consultants are behind this and find it sad that there are still people today who feel the need to shriek like a second grader talking about cooties whenever something gay related comes up. Log Cabin Republicans still thinks Mr Sidhu is the better choice for the district, home to California Log Cabin Director James Vaughn, but hopes when elected he develops more sophisticated taste in the people he chooses to work for him.

“Our endorsement was based on his fiscal conservatism and his decency in how he’s worked with Log Cabin Republican members like John Karczynski Ferguson and we hope the childish antics of his consultants don’t cost him this seat by turning off decent voters who value their gay and lesbian neighbors, friends and family.”

Brain Nestande's campaign sent Log Cabin a thank you e-mail acknowledging the endorsement.

Harry Sidhu asked Log Cabin Republican Orange County past Chairman John Karczynski Ferguson to host a fundraiser for him.

It's time some of these consultants stop shrieking like second graders about cooties whenever a gay topic comes up. Grow up and get over it.

Paul Hegyi and Harry Sidhu are proven, hard-working California conservative
leaders and have been for many years.

This increasingly looks like a clumsy, and ineffective, attempt to create an
issue where none exists.

Barbara Boxer and Paul Hegyi both oppose the freedom to marry for gays and lesbians. We figured we'd rather be on the opposite side of an issue from liberal Barbara Boxer. Encouraging people to get married is a Republican thing. Making it harder or discouraging marriage is a liberal thing.

Because we've won the war on gay issues, we're moving on to tackle other things now with more focus. If there is nothing to be done for or against gay rights, we have the luxury of endorsing social conservatives because they are irrelevant when it comes to gay issues now. We're ready to move on to issues we can win on, how about the rest of you?

Unfortunately, many politicians who are portrayed as people with 'strong values' usually end up being charlatans, or homosexuals. I look forward to these people denying their associations in a future issue of the National Enquirer.

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