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Jon is the elected Vice Chairman, South of the California Republican Party.

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Nearly 25% Of GOP State Committee Responds To Convention Debate Survey


by Jon Fleischman - Publisher (bio) (email)(print)

2-17-2010 12:20 am
I just sent this out to the CRP membership...


Last Saturday I wrote to you about the question that will be coming before the California Republican Party Board of Directors - whether or not to extend invitations to the Republican candidates for Governor, Attorney General and United States Senate to participate in debates at our upcoming convention next month in Santa Clara.

In that e-mail I mentioned that the Board would be voting on a proposed resolution to that effect today.  I wanted to let you know that our meeting ended up not taking place today, but that will be convening for a telephonic Board meeting on Thursday morning at 8:30am.

I would like to share with you that I have heard back from nearly a quarter of the State Central Committee members, and by a staggering proportion, they would like to see the CRP invite candidates to debate.  As of now, the tally stands at 309 members who would like debates at the convention, and 27 who would not, or at least don't think the CRP should be inviting the candidates to debate.


If you didn't receive my original e-mail with all of the information, including the text of the resolution that will be before the Board, you can read it here.

As of now I am very inclined to support the resolution - it is abundantly clear that our party's members relish an opportunity to see and hear from our candidates in the kind of dynamic environment that is created by a debate.

My theory is that if the CRP doesn't even invite the candidates to debate, well then shame on us.  If we do extend an invitation, and candidates decline the invitation, well then shame on them.

I will tell you that there are a number of people on the Board struggling with this vote - they are concerned that merely inviting candidates to debate is actually the CRP interfering with a primary.  I appreciate the concern, but think that our first priority is to the members who elected us to serve as officers of the committee.

It is unclear to me how this vote will go.  That said, I will certainly keep you apprised.

Thank you for everything you do for our Party.


/s/Jon Fleischman
Vice Chairman, South - California Republican Party
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I have looked everywhere and can't find it . . . I have emailed Poizner's campaign people/site and have received no response. WHAT IS STEVE POIZNER'S STAND ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT? We gun owners in California seem to have absolutely no support nor any candidate (other than Chuck DeVore who I think is the perfect candidate to defeat Boxer) in the race who will back us and get rid of the ridiculous, unconstitutional, and overly burdensome California firearm restrictions.

Definite Debates

Of course there need to be debates !! We MUST be sure that we select THE correct candidate to defeat Boxer. Failure is not an option. The only way to do that is through the vetting process of debates.

If you are looking for a true conservative look at Larry Naritelli
He is the only governor candidate that supports the 2nd amendment supporter. Check out his site and see all the items he supports. He doesn't hide anything! He is a social and fiscal conservative. Get the word out!!!

Jon, you're an asset! Thanks for all you do and especially for putting this one out there.

DEBATES are part of the process - of course they should be held!

Russ Utz

A REAL debate is the only way to get opinons, not this stupid Q & A that passes for debates in most political races

Fiorina refuses to debate....WHAT is she trying to hide from? She won't answer honest questions in front of voters?
Chuck Devore ..already endorsed by ICaucus! HE WILL DEBATE....welcomes debate! and he will uphold the Constitution....unlike most of those CRP has given us the past few years!

San Diego County - if your Gun Rights matter to you, your ONLY choice for Sheriff is JAY LASUER! None of the other candidates believe in FULL CONSTITUTIONAL SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!
LaSuer is also endorsed by ICaucus! see:

A debate is a must! Voters must see that Carly is a "Career Politician" in the making and can talk a good conservative game but with the right questions in a debate will show that she is just another "Barbara Boxer" in disguise. Campbell is just another tax and spend RINO. Chuck DeVore will openly discuss all issues that American voter's are concerned about, Limited Government, lower taxes, National Security and Border Security. Chuck DeVore can and will explain the many ways that he is the best candidate to beat "call me Senator" Boxer. Chuck will explain how he is different from Fiorina and Campbell and HOW HE WILL BEAT BOXER AND WIN THE SENATE RACE!

We absolutely need to have candidate debates! Debates go beyond platforms & talking points and show what a candidate truly thinks. It shows how they will make decisions and how they think on their feet.

Yep I agree we need to have debates for all offices being voted on!

Yes, a debate would give additional insight by hearing tone, confidence, and the ability to 'connect' with the base.

Richard Rios, Delegate

Why not have debates??? What a novel concept. DeVore will kick butt.

Fiorina is a poser & a coward. She'd probably rather jump off a cliff than debate...maybe she should.

It makes me highly suspicious when a candidate doesn't want to debate.

Someone like DeVore welcomes having a debate because when you stand on morals and principles, as he does, those attributes don't change. You are clear on your message and you never have to worry about what you said to different groups, or what you've said to the voters that contrasts wildly to your voting record.

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