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Top Ten Reasons To Support the California Jobs Initiative


by Jon Fleischman - Publisher (bio) (email)(print)

4-23-2010 1:40 pm
The fine folks at the California Jobs Initiative, which seeks a vote of the people on whether to temporarily suspend the draconian regulations created by the passage of AB 32 until the economy improves, sent out a great Top Ten list earlier this week.  I thought it worthy of sharing...

Top Ten Reasons to Support the California Jobs Initiative (
10.  AB 32 will put over a million California jobs at risk.  With unemployment at 12.6% and 2.2 million already out of work, now is the worst possible time to knowingly endanger the jobs of a million more Californians.
9.  According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) jobs created by AB 32 will total less than one percent of all California jobs by 2020 - only about 10,000.  Reminder: there are currently 2.2 MILLION unemployed in our state today.
8.  AB 32 is projected to raise Californians' cost of living by driving up gasoline and diesel fuel prices by $3.7 billion.
7.  AB 32 is projected to punish families by increasing electricity and natural gas costs by billions of dollars, with some electricity ratepayers expected to see their bills go up by 30 - 60 percent.
6.  AB 32 could add as much as $50,000 to the cost of new home at a time of unprecedented difficulty for families seeking to finance and buy homes.
5.  A cap-and-trade auction tax, which CARB's own economists say is necessary in order to offset the impacts of AB 32's massive job losses and higher utility costs, could cost businesses and consumers $143 billion between 2012 and 2020. CARB and other experts acknowledge that low income communities and small businesses will be disproportionately harmed by AB32's higher energy costs.
4.  Under the California Jobs Initiative, non-AB32 regulations protecting our air and water quality - regulations that are already the strictest in the country - would remain completely intact.
3.  The California Jobs Initiative would not weaken or repeal AB32; it would simply protect over a million jobs and spare California families and businesses billions in higher energy costs and other expenses they can't afford in today's depressed economy.
2.  The California Jobs Initiative will not in any way prohibit private investment in green technologies or the creation of green jobs.
And the Number One Reason to Support the California Jobs Initiative:
1.    While protecting jobs and California's economy, the California Jobs Initiative will do nothing to slow or impede worldwide efforts to address climate change, since even the California Air Resources Board recognizes that "California acting alone cannot reduce emissions sufficiently to change the course of climate change worldwide."
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I hate to let facts get in the way of this propaganda paid for by Texas oil companies that have pumped more than $2 million into the dirty energy proposition, but here you go:

10. Every independent study (as in not paid for by the oil companies) shows that AB 32 will result in net job growth. And noted economist Stephen Levy says clean tech jobs will likely go to those currently unemployed.

9. The state Economic Development Department says more than 500,000 Californians are employed in clean tech.

8. This bogus number is from a study described as "useless" by the Legislative Analysts office and panned by economists from Stanford, Tufts, and UCLA. By the way, the authors of the study aren't supporting the initiative.

7. Even utilities, such as PG&E, support AB 32. Again, bogus numbers from a study paid for by the oil companies -- who apparently have no problems jacking up their prices to consumers. Remember $5 per gallon last year?

6. California's energy efficient building regulations, supported by the building industry, save consumers about $1,000 per year in fuel costs. Another chicken little argument from an oil industry-paid for study.

5. The Tanton study was paid for by the Pacific Legal Institute, funded by, guess who!, the oil companies.

4. The suspension of AB 32 would result in millions of tons of more pollutants into the air. The American Lung Association is OPPOSED to the dirty energy proposition.

3. The suspension would kill AB 32 -- proponents have said so themselves (glad to share the quotes). Businesses would be unable to prepare from one quarter to the next. This economic condition in the initiative has happened just 3 times in 30 years.

2. The National Venture Capital Association is OPPOSED to the dirty energy proposition because it will chill billions in investment.

1. California has always taken a leadership role in protecting our environment -- and we're proud of it. In the last PPIC poll, 66% of Californians support AB 32. What we don't like are out-of-state special interests spending millions of dollars to buy their way onto the California ballot.

Mr. Maviglio,

Since you are continuing the misinformation that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, which is true:

1) are you an idiot who doesn't know better


2) are you purposely passing along misinformation?

Mr. Maviglio,

And since neighboring states have not tied their own hands with regard to "climate changing" gases, and companies limited by AB 32 here in California are moving to neighboring states to continue their work, how does AB 32 result in any reduction in "greenhouse" emissions? This is a problem for the adherents to the "Global Warming/Climate Change" religion.

Appreciate the personal attack Mark, but EPA classifies carbon as a pollutant.

Apparently you think that spewing millions of tons of pollution in the air has no effect? No wonder your membership in the Flat Earth Society is in tact.

California has ALWAYS lead the country in innovation and in reducing pollution. It's creating jobs and making products better. Just like it did for energy efficient appliances and building standards that save homeowners $1,000 a year, AB 32 will make more efficient, cleaner industries.

I guess we should believe experts like Hien T. Tran LOLLL !!!!!!!

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