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Notorious GOP Taxer Roy Ashburn Rewarded With Lucrative Commission Spot


by Jon Fleischman - Publisher (bio) (email)(print)

12-29-2010 1:40 pm

Last week I blogged about the Governor's ability to fill a lucrative vacancy on the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB).  Actually, I spoke too quickly.  Apparently there are several vacancies on this commission that is made up in its entirety by former, now termed-out legislators.  The position pays a cool $130,000 or so a year and comes with Cadillac benefits.  You can read more about the CUIAB and who is currently on it by checking out my previous post.

The FlashReport has learned that Ex-State Senator Roy Ashburn ("R" - Bakersfield), who notoriously disregarded the no-new-taxes pledge he signed when running for office, and who was the deciding vote last year for massive increases in the income, sales and car tax -- has been secretly appointed to fill a vacancy on the CUAIB (secret in that he was appointed but there has been no public release of that information).

Typically these appointments are for as long as four years, and require no approval.  The Governor gets the majority of the appointments, but the Senate President and Assembly Speaker also each get an appointment.

Needless to say, this practice of finding "safe landing spots" when politicians are rolled up by the voters (Ashburn flirted with a Congressional run this year, but opted out when it became clear that his votes for higher taxes would be the issue in the GOP primary) is smarmy and unfortunate.

It also increases the cynicism of the voters, to see those who heap higher taxes on then, getting plum rewards.  It is also a reminder to the voters -- why should they vote to tax themselves again (as Governor-Elect Brown and Democrat legislative leaders advocate) when the government still has plenty of money to "employ" ex-legislators on obscure commissions?

The reality is that Roy Ashburn, after spending much of his adult life as an elected official, should be going back into the private sector.  Not continuing to live off the taxpayers.
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That name sounded so familiar. That is right, he is the one who got into an accident coming out of gay bar after living most of his adult life as a hetrosexual! I agree he has no business in politics. I guess some of those people do not survive in the real world so their identical friends protect them by giving them another tax payer money. All of a sudden I feel nauseous.

Looks like nearly all of the infamous "Sacramento Six" have recieved their bribes in the form of appointments and God only knows what else. These were the "Republicans" who voted with democrats to implement the massive tax increases made part of the Feb. 09 budget.

Assemblyman Anthony Adams, who was too chicken to run against me in 2010 and Mike Villines were two of my favorites.

Even Congressman Tom Mc Clintock campaigned against Villines after he threw his ATR pledge in the trash next to Adams', but it was a little too late as they had already cut the deal for their future appointments.

Villines was a former anti-tax crusader, blending in with speaking on behalf of Americans For Prosperity. What a legacy they have created for themselves.

Mark my words that some of these traitors will raise their ugly heads in the future and even try to run for office again acting as if nothing evr happened. Also be on the look out for their support of other future candidates in order to keep mooching the gravy train in working for them on their staffs and or campaigns in some capacity.

Anthony Adams is the most devious of all these scumbags..Watch out for him to continue milking his former connections to Bill Postmus, whose many corrupt tentacles still thrive in San Bernardino County. Any future candidates who recieve contributions or support from Adams will do so at their own peril,just as Adams support for Anthony Riley weighed down his campaign in his bid to replace Adams in the Assembly.

Also watch for them to continue to snuggle up to Democrats; especially Brown, Newsome and Perez for more cookies and milk.

Even though Arnold now has the coat tails of a naked midget, if he joins team Obama as some speculate, watch for him to continue to help these bums along, especially Maldo.

I referred to the Sacramento Six in my last post as "Scumbags". I meant to say, Parasites. My apologies to any and all scumbags who may have been offended.

Jon, I don't know why you are so surprised. Generally speaking, for politicians in Sacramento, it is the best job they have ever had. H.L. Richardson first brought this to our attention--- and he should know, he worked with them. With out their elected position they would be welfare recipients. If these guys had to make it in the private sector, they couldn't... they would end up pushing a shopping cart down the street and sleeping under a bridge. Liberals are compassionate and they have just created another kind of welfare for these welfare recipients.

Jon, give it a rest. You and I both know Ashburn will do a good job on the Cal UIAB. And that silly no tax pledge - what would you do if you were (g_d forbid) in the legislature faced with voting for or against a TEMPORARY tax increase to close the budget deficit? Or to put this another way, what programs would you cut and by how much would you cut?

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