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UCI: The war against the 5th Column


by Shawn Steel - Statewide (bio) (email)

6-1-2007 7:39 am

The College Republicans continue to be the major voice of clarity against the Jihadists on campus.

Thursday night the College Republican club at the University of California, Irvine, sponsored an unforgettable event... It was held at the Bren Center with over 1300 paying to get in.  It featured excruciating stories of three former terrorists [PLO and an early Hezbollah].  Each man is marked for death.  One carries wounds of one assassination attempt.  I have never heard such realistic and credible evidence spoken in public.

UC Irvine boasts the largest number of Muslim students in California, estimated to be several thousand.  Naturally it has a militant Muslim Student Association.  Hamid Algar, a Western Muslim scholar of impeccable academic credentials, who is qute hostile to Israel, still  charged the MSA as being similar to Comintern financed by the Saudi government.

Walid Shoebat (pictured), Zak Anani and Kamal Saleem were elegant and effective. The audience was appreciative.  The MSA boycotted the event and held their own rally.  Walid Shoebat has a lot to teach all of us. Have a look at his website

Even the Los Angeles Times reported that the 3 X terrorists, filled an auditorium at Stanford, again sponsored by those very effective College Republicans.  Stanford prohibited "off campus" folks and the media from attending.  But denying the press gets bad press.  Stanford soon recanted.  Keep in mind that Leland Stanford was one of six co-founders of the California Republican Party in 1856. 

It appears that the College Republicans may take the 3 X terrorists on the road all over California beginning  in the fall. Soon, freeway close to you

And, unbelievable in a very related story, in the morning's Los Angeles Times comes a report of a young Muslim where police believe he murdered his ex girlfriend's father and older sister and bludgeoned her mother, on May 21st.  The family home was burned down. The ex girlfriend is an 18 year old Hindu student from UCI. Shayona Dhanak who had broken up with Iftekhar Murtaza. Four US marshals arrested Murtaza at Sky Harbor International Airport, where he was trying to fly on a one way ticket to Bangladesh...

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