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LaMalfa, a rice farmer from Butte County, is a former member of the State Assembly.


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Blood Sport : Slamming Jerry Lewis


by Shawn Steel - Statewide (bio) (email)

7-5-2007 7:40 am

Democrats will do anything to get and maintain power. After all, Lenin wasn't too good a revolutionary.  His specialty, once he took power, was to create a ruthless system for permanent power at any cost. Democrats hope to do the same in 2008.  By any means necessary, get more senate and house seats. 

Part of their strategy is to demonize California House Republican leaders. While Duke Cunningham certainly deserved demonization, as does Democrat "Refrigerator" Jefferson, our California Congressional Republicans are endlessly attacked with rumors and conspiracy theories, spearheaded by the LA Times.  But painting the bribery tar brush against Republicans is ringing hollow.

Jerry Lewis is repeatedly skewered by the LA Times, with breathy innuendos of vast sums of money circulating through his office. The only problem is a ferocious lack of facts. Unlike some Congressmen, Lewis has not grown wealthy in Congress.   According to Lewis' financial disclosure statement, most of his savings are in a  retirement account in a Credit Union containing a few hundred thousands dollars. He also has a 1/4 share in a family trust that might be worth 15,000 to $50.,000 dollars. (See here.)

We've seen how Cunningham lived. A private yacht on the Potomac, a large home in exclusive Rancho Santa Fe and lots of nice stuff. 

Among 435 members, Lewis is ranked 150 in assets. Nancy Pelosi , Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein ; now that's who has  real money. According to Pelosi's disclosure statement she could be worth 91 million, Feinstein at 98 million and Boxer at only 6 million. 

Conservatives can disagree with Jerry Lewis over policy matters but after a spurt of articles in 2005 not a single fact or linkage to illegal conduct has been suggested by authorities. Still, the Left will use anything, including outdated headlines to destroy anyone standing in their  way to maintain and keep power. 

Even with the policy matters, Lewis seems to be making changes in the Appropriations Committee by supporting open disclosure of anyone making earmarks. In addition, he led opposition to earmarks that included : a classical Chinese garden [ 8 million] ; Citizens Corp [35 m], Mind-Body Institute [2 m], Whaling trading partners [9 m] and hundreds more. In fact, there are 37 percent fewer earmarks proposed, mostly by Republicans. We hope the whole earmark process can be extinguished with a new Republican congress. 

For Republicans to merely duck with the next incoming salvo from the Media Left is a disservice. If anyone has evidence of wrongdoing,  demand proof and transparency. If not, tell them that even Lenin's empire fell after 70 years of lies.

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