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Doug LaMalfa

LaMalfa, a rice farmer from Butte County, is a former member of the State Assembly.


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FR Readers Help Topple RINO - More...


by Jon Fleischman - Publisher (bio) (email)

8-9-2006 8:09 am

The top story today on our "All California Politics All of the Time" is a bit of a stretch, because it is about a liberal Member of Congress from Michigan last night who lost his primary -- but this was most notable because this liberal was a REPUBLICAN - Joe Schwarz.  You can read the piece for more information, but let me just say that on a weekly basis, I participate with a large group of conservative activist bloggers from around the nation on a conference call (sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and Human Events Magazine) where we attempt to coordinate our activities when possible.  Sinking Schwarz and electing conservative Tom Walberg in this overwhelmingly GOP House seat was set out as one of the first coordinated projects of our group.  Of course it is relevant to all of us in California because it is liberal GOPers like Schwarz, who oppose the basic economic platforms of the party (among other things) that endanger our Republican majority.  Schwarz opposes making the President's tax cuts permanent.  Anyways, FR readers stepped up to contribute thousands of dollars towards this coordinated effort and we made a difference!  Thanks to all of you who contributed.
I know it is a mad, chaotic frenzy of activity up there in the State Capitol right now.  This is my appeal to legislators, staffers, lobbyists and others who are closely following this process -- we would love to shine a spotlight on bad legislation that looks like it might pass.  I presume there is a ton of good legislation that won't see the light of day, too.  Anyways, 500 miles away from the 'action' - you are all my eyes and ears.  Talk to me!  You can email me or send a note to me anonymously in the top-right corner of the FR above.
Yesterday in my commentary, I really took on the SB Board of Supervisors for a planned expenditure of $700,000 to purchase various PR and 'naming rights' with the California NASCAR Speedway in their county.  FR's San Bernardino County Correspondent Brad Mitzelfelt took quite a bit of time to pen out a thoughtful response to my piece, and it is featured on the main page, as well as on the blog.  I encourage you to read it.
Well, I guess the good news for Team Arnold is that efforts to NOT be tied to President George W. Bush are definitely working when Bush's former opponent, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, pens a column in the San Francisco Chronicle which, in essence, praises Arnold Schwarzenegger for his actions on Greenhouse Gas Emissions while chastising the President for not doing anything.  That said, I would frankly feel much more comfortable if John Kerry could find nothing nice to say about Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Kerry is a left-wing nutcase and to the extent that he praises anyone, that person should question what they are doing.  If Kerry were to compliment the FlashReport, I might very well shut down the site!
Tomorrow we will feature a column from a legislator who has a great idea ... it's time to sue the federal government for ...  well, you can wait until tomorrow!
Have a great day...

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