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Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman, California Republican Party

August 15, 2012
[Publisher's Note:  We are pleased to offer this original commentary from Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of the California Republican Party, for FlashReport readers - Flash]

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Election should be about choices.  In order for that to be, the political parties need to provide that choice.  In California, it is well know that the opportunities for Republicans are limited.  The initiatives on the 2012 Fall ballot, however, provide a clear choice and an even better opportunity for Republicans to define ourselves.
At our recent convention, the Republican Party of California took up the important task of voting on which of the 11 initiatives to support or oppose on the Fall ballot.  The issues raised by those initiatives run the gamut from taxes to human trafficking.  Within the broad spectrum of issues run themes upon which Republicans can provide a choice for voters that will also help define ourselves.
Keep in mind, that voters have consistently voted for Republican ideas over the years when it comes to initiatives.  For instance, voters have turned down the last 8 statewide tax increases on the ballot including the most recent Prop 29 and still support the Republican position to protect Prop 13.  Voters have supported Republican law and order initiatives dating back to the removal of Rose Bird to the “3 strikes law” and more.
This year, the ballot initiatives provide the ability for Republicans to strengthen their bond with voters on those important issues.
First, there are three tax increases on the ballot: Prop 30, Prop  38 and 39. Republicans intuitively know that tax increases are bad for our economy and only empower government to do more.  As Reagan would say, we didn’t get here because we taxed too much but, instead, because we are spending too much.
This year, voters remain in economic trouble and Republicans must reassert their watchdog role and let everyone know that we should not be sending more money to Sacramento and that tax increases are bad economics.   The Republican Party of California opposes all three of those tax hikes and all of our candidates should do so as well so we are speaking with a united voice.
Beyond the tax issue, the California Republican Party voted to support Prop 31.  This proposition requires the adoption of a two-year budget cycle and also requires that funding be identified at the adoption of any new program costing more than $25 million per year.  It also requires that any bill be in print for at least 72 hours prior to passage – thereby ending last minute, back room deals. While it is not a perfect proposition, it is an important step in the right direction. All of our candidates should support Prop 31 as well so we are speaking with a united voice.
The other major reform on the ballot is Prop 32. This will ban direct contributions from corporations and unions to candidates and create an opt in system for public employee union members when it comes to giving money to union PACs.  The value of this reform cannot be understated.  It will bring balance to political funding in this state and reduce the power of unions to demand funding increases from the politicians they elect.  The Republican Party of California supports Prop 32 and all of our candidates should as well so we are speaking with a united voice.
Finally, there are important law and order issues on the ballot as well: Props 34, 35 and 36.  Prop 34 would end the Death penalty in California. Prop 36 would effectively end the “3 Strikes law.” The law and order party, the Republican Party of California, opposes both of those measures and our candidates should as well so we are speaking with a united voice.  Prop 35 bans human trafficking and sex slavery. Obviously, the Republican Party of California supports that measure.
All-in-all, this year’s ballot provides the right opportunity for Republicans to stand together on law and order, lower taxes and budget reform. Those are the right policies for California and we should speak with a united voice so that Californians know that they are our values.

You should check out Del Beccaro's great website, Political Vanguard, here.  You can visit the California Republican Party's website here.

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