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Meredith Turney

Doug Ose’s Farm Bill Subsidy

Jon just posted a blog about President Bush vetoing the pork-laden farm bill. As Jon explained, the bill was rightfully vetoed because of all the subsidies for wealthy farmers. This issue is particularly important here in the 4th CD race. Former congressman Doug Ose (and current candidate for the 4th CD) has been the recipient of such federal farm subsidies for wealthy farm owners.

Doug Ose not only accepted $600,000 in farm subsidies (more than former Enron CEO Ken Lay), he approved those subsidies as a voting member of the House Agriculture Committee. Republicans are suffering from an image of corruption, and self-serving votes like Ose’s enforce this image, especially in a district where corruption is a hot issue. Republican voters should ask themselves if they want a millionaire congressman who will take their tax dollars to pay for his personal property.

Last week Tom McClintock launched a devastating TV ad regarding Ose’s self-enriching votes on farm subsidies while in Congress. I’m disappointed that my current congressman, John Doolittle, voted for this irresponsible bill. Based on Doug Ose’s record, Tom McClintock is the clear choice. I’m confident he won’t vote for such a taxpayer rip-off.