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Jon Coupal


Those who follow the political machinations in Sacramento might well conclude that not much good emerges from the California Legislature.  Gas taxes, attacks on homeownership, a tax increase on commercial property, ever expanding  pension deficits, high speed rail, there seems an endless list of proposals for which the average taxpayer is supposed to foot the bill, while others receive the benefit.

 With all this bad news, it is easy to overlook some relatively obscure bills that could have an oversized beneficial impact on taxpayers.

Assembly Bill 809 by Assembly Member Jay Obernolte (Hesperia) is a proposal that will aid local voters deciding on tax measures by providing some much needed transparency.  Under current law, there is no word limit requirement on the ballot label – the descriptive information that appears on the ballot — for local tax measures.  The ballot label is the last thing most citizens see before casting their vote.   The label is often filled with whole paragraphs explaining how the funds will be spent, but little or no information that helps voters determine what it will cost them.