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Mike Spence

What’s in A Name? Lower Taxes and The LA Assessor Race

The race for Los Angeles County Assessor will feature the incumbent assessor Rick Auerbach. Rick has to be the favorite for winning but a Deputy County Assessor is challenging him for a third time. A Democrat. A Democrat with the legal name John Lower Taxes Loew. Obviously, I’m sympathetic to a guy willing to go that far to express his views. But why is he Democrat?

Maybe every candidate should do this. Tom Cut The Car Tax McClintock, Arnold Build It With Bonds Schwarzenegger, Elton Don’t Know Squat About Filing For Congress Gallegly, Randy On The Take Cunningham. Mike I Spell Poorly Spence.  The list can go on and on. It would give us some insight into the kinds of people we are voting for.

2 Responses to “What’s in A Name? Lower Taxes and The LA Assessor Race”

  1. Says:

    Don’t forget: Steve Can’t Find the Farm Bureau Samuelian.

  2. Says:

    Mike- Yes I am a Democrat when it comes to social values. However, When it comes to taxes, I believe folks should pay every dollar they owe and not one penny more! Property owners in LA County are being overcharged on their prop taxes and I intend to put an end to this if elected. By the way, did you know that it costs $43000 to place your statement in the sample ballot? In English($86000 in English and Spanish). My message is lower taxes, two simple words, and I got the registrar to print my message simply by changing my name. Thank you, John Lower Taxes Loew.