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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Channeling Shawn Steel

I don’t believe in "channeling" per se, but I wish at times I could be RNC Committeeman for a day.  

I would have weighed in on the entire North Carolina GOP ad controversy, where they correctly depicted Barack Obama’s close spiritual advisor, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, as an America blaming bigot and full blow racist.

The outcry from the RNC and the McCain campaign against the North Carolina GOP is indicative of many troubling signs for the Republican Party, to wit:

The RNC still doesn’t understand why their donors are hanging up on their telemarketers every day;

The RNC doesn’t understand that we want a Party that fights Democrats, takes it right to them, gets in their faces and kicks there a**es;

In the daily onslaught against Republicans by Democrat leaders, we want a Party that hits back;

We are so desperate for an agenda that thousands of Republicans, unsolicited, are sending money to the North Carolina GOP while at the same time hanging up on RNC fundraisers;

Finally, I would have, if National Committeeman for one day, held a press conference for the express purpose of telling the RNC Chairman to "grow some ba**s".  I may have even used an expletive the way I was feeling about it a couple of days ago.  Of course, had I done that, money would have started pouring in from across the country to the California GOP…………. unsolicited.

Civility is for losers.  We are playing for keeps in this country in 2008.  We are worse than even money to both lose the White House and fall below 40 in the Senate.  Anybody at the RNC have a clue?

3 Responses to “Channeling Shawn Steel”

  1. Says:

    The RNC and McCain should take a clue from Scalia. He told his interviewer to “get over it” in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the 2000 election.

    What McCain, Arnie, RNC, CRP and other “big shots” don’t seem to understand is that these people will never be our friends. They will take any and every opportunity to cut us off at the knees and watch us bleed to death.

  2. Says:

    If you want to “channel” the current Republican National Committeeman, your title should be “Channeling Tim Morgan”. Shawn Steel’s term in that post doesn’t start until the national convention adjourns in September.

  3. Says:


    While I agree with your sentiment against giving the left carte blanche without an agressive and direct response, I’m not sure that North Carolina is the right hill to die on.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the ad in question directed at two candidates for NC governor who happened to endorse Obama. I think running the Wright ads unnecessarily lend credence to the image of the GOP as “anti-black”. Why not wait to use the Wright footage until after he is the nominee, and use it against Obama, rather than in clumsy and ill-founded attempts at guilt-by-association?

    Again, I am right there with you about the RNC lacking testicular fortitude, I just don’t agree in this particular case.