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Jon Fleischman

The Future of the GOP: Supervisor Michael Antonovich

As we continue our ongoing discussion about the future of the Republican Party, I am pleased to offer this commentary from Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich.  Antonovich is a former Chairman of the California Republican Party, and a former member of the California State Legislature…

The 2010 Congressional elections begin now.  We need to finance an effective grassroots registration effort to reach our ethnic communities, neighborhoods and at new citizen swearing–in ceremonies.  The Republican Party’s philosophy of hope, opportunity, and freedom unlike the Democrat’s philosophy of tax, spend and control, is the philosophy of most Americans.  Our problem is developing marketing methods that bypass the liberal media and vested interests.  The liberal "one party" rule in Washington provides the opportunity for the GOP to offer counter proposals and build coalitions for a successful 2010 campaign and wining the White House in 2012.    

We also need to financially support all of our candidates to build an effective Party. We can’t leave candidates in low Republican registered districts helpless.  We will never win over new Republicans or become competitive if we continue that practice.  We also need to be actively involved in school, city council, water boards, and county elections.”

It is vital that we enhance our list of potential candidates for higher office by getting qualified candidates elected at the local levels of government.  The experience they acquire and their ability for their constituents to see how they handle responsibility will enable them to put together future winning campaigns.

We also need to be actively involved in getting our college and junior and senior high school students exposed to the Republican philosophy by sponsoring events, providing internships, meeting directly with the Republican community leaders and office holders will expose our youth to our own Party philosophy that is shared by people of all colors, creeds and economic levels of society.  We need to focus on registering new voters and newly-sworn citizens.

We need an effective marketing program of the Republican philosophy of hope, opportunity and freedom.  This was the platform of our first Republican candidate for President, John C. Fremont, and the winning philosophy of our first Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

— Supervisor Mike Antonovich

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