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Jon Fleischman

Today’s Commentary: Can we get past the part where Dems try to raise taxes — today?

With warnings from State Controller John Chiang that if something isn’t done about the state’s out-of-whack finances that state government will soon literally run out of operating funds, and State Treasurer Bill Lockyer making it clear that if imminent action isn’t taken soon, even with massive cuts there won’t be time to do the financing that the state would typically need to do this summer to pay its bills – you can be sure that the Democrats in the State Capitol will do something. 

If their rhetoric and lack of action on substantive cuts in the Joint Budget Conference Committee are any indicator, despite the overwhelming results of the May 19th Special Election and a repudiation of tax increases, you can bet that Democrats are going to look to raise taxes – perhaps with “majority vote” fee solutions that are, in fact, tax increases that seek to end-run Proposition 13’s 2/3 vote requirement.

What does this mean?  Well, it means that before we see a real “all cuts” solution to the state’s massive overspending-created woes, the Democrats are going to see if Governor Schwarzenegger means what he says.  The Governor has made it abundantly clear that he would oppose any plan that raises taxes or fees.  But in order for that to really “sink in” with State Capitol Democrats, they will invariably have to go through the exercise of passing them, and requiring the Governor to use his veto pen.

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One Response to “Today’s Commentary: Can we get past the part where Dems try to raise taxes — today?”

  1. Says:

    After reading Flash Report and taking in a few minutes of RUSH, I really get pumped up…but not enough to give a dime to the Republicans! Somehow….cannot get passed Republicans think running Jeb Bush is a good idea and in California….Whitman being the darling incompetent locally.

    Yawn! We all know Democrats spend and spend and tax and tax…can you change genetically damaged goods?

    Lets get some articles on true waste in government from those who see it, smell it, live with it…now that would really get my juices flowing and maybe I will drop a quarter into the black hole of special interest politics!!!!