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Jon Fleischman

GOP Lawyers Call for Independent Investigation of AG Brown’s Office

California Republican Lawyers Association Demands Attorney General Allow for an Independent Investigation
Calls on the District Attorneys of Alameda and San Francisco to Conduct the Investigation

In response to the office of Attorney General Jerry Brown attempts to close an internal investigation surrounding the resignation of his Communications Director Scott Gerber, the following letter was sent to the Attorney General today by Steven Baric, President of the California Republican Lawyers Association and former prosecutor.

Furthermore, given the need for an unbiased and transparent handling of this matter to ensure the integrity of the Office of the Attorney General to California’s taxpayers and voters, Mr. Baric sent the following letters to the District Attorneys of Alameda County and the City and County of San Francisco calling for an independent investigation of the matter by their offices.

We have attached letters below sent from CRLA to both the Attorney General and to local District Attorneys.

One Response to “GOP Lawyers Call for Independent Investigation of AG Brown’s Office”

  1. Says:

    As usual, Mr. Baric’s letters are well written and I think he makes a compelling case for an independent investigation.

    It will be interesting to see if the Public Records request in Mr. Baric’s letter turns up any evidence of this recorded conversation being about Mr. Brown’s run for Governor. If the Office of the Attorney General (i.e. the leased space, telephones, etc. paid for by the taxpayers) was used for a political campaign purpose – another violation of the law has occurred.

    We shall see….