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Jon Fleischman

Left Continues To Throw Stones At Koch Brothers From Glass Houses

The Democrats’ carefully crafted façade continues to be unraveled by their hypocrisy.  From their inconsistent messaging on the federal budget negotiations, to their AstroTurf political demonstrations, it has become increasingly clear that their words and their actions don’t mesh.

Take for example the recent brouhaha in the Desert where more than 1,000 paid demonstrators protested a private meeting of the Koch brothers.  As I said when this dust-up occurred, this is another example of Democrat hypocrisy.  Let’s be clear, these weren’t volunteers out to support a cause they believe in. They were part of an Astrotruf effort, similar to those we are accustomed to seeing the union representatives who get paid to demonstrate outside the State Capitol organize during budget season.

It was a protest supposedly about the evils of the influence of money in politics, paid for by millionaire-funded political organizations like Common Cause and Greenpeace.  That’s right.  It was one set of millionaire-backed groups protesting millionaires who make political donations.  We might as well just put a picture of Common Cause in the dictionary under the word: hypocrisy.

Following the public display of hypocrisy in the Desert, Politico published a story uncovering the coordinated effort from the far Left—primarily liberal heavyweights like Robert Greenwald, who’s putting his hypocrisy to film in the recently released “The Kochs Exposed.”

As Politico explains, this coordinated assault is “fueled by a confluence of circumstances, and shaped by a collaborative effort by liberal government watchdog groups, unions, environmentalists and a White House-allied non-profit. The resulting campaign has helped many of the groups boost their profiles and their issues, raise money and undermine opponents.”

Let’s be clear. The ruling elite of the Democrat institution—millionaires in their own right who are hiding their actions behind a cloak of AstroTurf advocates—are manufacturing these criticisms of the Koch brothers.

And what exactly are they criticizing?  Certainly it can’t be the brothers’ right to participate in the political process.  It can’t be the influence of money on the political process, since that’s exactly what the Left is doing by launching this attack.  Is the Left mad that the Koch brothers have effectively used the rights and freedoms afforded to all Americans and created a successful business?

What liberals like Greenwald are really mad about isn’t that the Koch brothers give political donations; it’s that the Left believes if you’re not giving to them, you’re the enemy and should be publicly demonized.

But it gets better. According to yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, the same people who were attacking “corporate greed” and large political donations are creating a political action committee that will allow them to raise unlimited funds. That’s about the only way they’re going to be able to reach the president’s $1 billion campaign goal.

And even the liberal-leaning LA Times saw right through this ploy and pointed out the obvious hypocrisy of the move: “Democrats putting together new independent political organizations for the 2012 campaign are embracing a model that will allow them to conceal their donors — the very tactic for which they criticized Republicans in 2010.”

Note to the left, you may want to consider the glass walls in your house before you continue to throw stones.