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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Clueless Print Media Oblivious To Reasons For California’s Decline

Another GOP Presidential Debate or convention, another article about the decline of the GOP in California.  The latest version of this “template” appears in today’s Sacramento Bee, and ignores the screamingly obvious – the decline of California has occurred at the exact same time and pace as the decline of conservative political influence in the State.

Even in today’s piece, we read that the GOP must reach out to leftist 2nd and 3rd generation Latino voters.  This is such a lazy and tired argument in favor of a strategy that has not and will not work that its mention is laughable.  Leftist voters are not going to vote for our candidates.  Leftists of all races must simply live with their decisions until they hate California so much that they are willing to make a change.  It is quite possible that this will never happen, no matter how bad California becomes, because there is no more monolithic and close minded voter than the California leftist.

A failing education system, massive bond debt, bankrupt State government, crumbling infrastructure and the fleeing of business to more friendly states has occurred precisely with the abandonment of conservative principles by California elected officials and voters.  So we stand by helplessly as our brilliant left wing government brings us “solutions” to the pressing issues of workers comp and overtime for babysitters, plastic bags, and the use of foam containers.

I hope the author of this piece in the Sacramento Bee reads this blog post.  My position is irrefutable.  Let me state it again:  California’s decline is on the same precise glide path as the decline of conservatives in State government and on the voter rolls.  “Journalists” who ignore this fact are simply unwilling to look at the evidence.