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Jon Fleischman

San Berdo Supervisor Neil Derry Hosts Event To Help Quality Referendum on “Dream Act”

San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry sponsored an event in Highland (in the Inland Empire) to gather signatures for the effort to refer Assembly Bill 131 — the so-called “Dream Act” — to the voters of California…

Repealing Sacramento’s Nightmare “Dream Act”
By San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry

Guaranteeing in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants?  Creating a fiscal incentive to reward illegal behavior and deny thousands of California students their places at our state universities and colleges?  Welcome to the nightmare world of Sacramento’s “Dream Act”!

Enacted by California’s loco-liberal-legislature and signed into law by Governor Jerry Moonbeam earlier this year, the so-called Dream Act will actually shatter the American Dream for thousands of deserving Californian and American students by giving their spots at our UC, CSU and Community College institutions to illegal aliens.

Grassroots conservatives across California are fighting back and launching a statement referendum campaign to enable California voters to repeal this insane new law.  Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is leading the statewide referendum campaign.

As Supervisor for San Bernardino County’s 3rd District I had the privilege of hosting a community event in the city of Highland to collect signatures for the referendum against the pro-illegal immigration “Dream Act.”

Ignored by the Lame Stream Media, we used conservative media outlets, including the John and Ken radio program on KFI, to promote our event.  In the course of 3 hours, we collected signatures from hundreds of local residents to quality the referendum for the ballot.

The Dream Act referendum offers a golden opportunity to reinvigorate California’s conservative movement and give conservative candidates an effective and popular rallying cry to use against Jerry Brown and his liberal cohorts at the State Capitol.

My own political opponent, Jerry Brown-appointed Democrat James Ramos, serves as a case in point.  Mr. Ramos, who has championed illegal aliens on a local community college board, even launched his own candidacy for County Supervisor with Spanish-language campaign signs.

It’s not just conservative voters who are outraged by Sacramento’s Dream Act nightmare.  Many moderate pro-education voters are joining in support of the referendum as they learn that their children’s higher educational opportunities are now being jeopardized by a Sacramento social-engineering experiment designed to benefit illegal immigrants.

I urge all of my fellow conservative elected officials to host their own signature-gathering events to qualify the Dream Act referendum.  Proposition 13 (1978) and Proposition 187 (1994) both spurred statewide conservative victories in California.  The Dream Act Referendum can accomplish the same for conservatives in 2012.

If you want to help to qualify this important referendum, get involved by going here.  Time is running short – ACT NOW.