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Jon Fleischman

We Agree With State GOP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro – PPIC Question Is Bunk

Every few months I am forced to write another commentary reminding our readers that survey results are a function of the questions you ask.  As I always point out, if you ask: “Would you like to see a 25% cut in the ticket prices at Disneyland?”  The response will be overwhelming in support.  But if you ask:  “There is a proposal to reduce the ticket prices at Disneyland by 25%, but in doing so one out of every five rides will be closed the day you go.  Would you support that?”  You will get a much different answer.

This morning California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro had a great post up on his Facebook page.  I’ve “lifted it” and placed it below…




On that alleged poll saying CA supports taxes –  it was taken among a “adults” – a non-existent category. Polling should be based on “likely voters.”  Worse yet, it was based on this totally leading/push poll question:

“Governor Brown has proposed a plan to help close the state’s budget deficit over the next five years. The plan, which would be put before voters in November, would raise $7 billion annually through a temporary four-year half cent sales tax increase and a temporary five year income tax increase on those earning more than $250,000. Do you favor or oppose this proposal?”

Among other problems, the question assumes the tax hike will “help” and it assumes it will raise $7 billion — which it will not.

What would be the result if they asked: “Despite having the highest tax and regulatory burden in country, Jerry Brown would like to raise your taxes to pay for an expansion of government.  Do you favor or oppose this proposal?”

Couldn’t have said it any better.   Garbage in, garbage out.  We saw this same kind of biased polling used in March of 2009 that Prop. 1A was supported by a strong majority of Californians.  Of course we all know how that turned out.