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Richard Rider

Some CA exports BOOMING. But sadly, the wrong kind of exports.

Today I spoke for a few minutes on a conference call to state tax experts, lobbyists and activists across the nation — one of several speakers on a call sponsored by the Tax Foundation.

It was an awesome audience. And I DO mean awesome — I was thoroughly intimidated.

Let me tell you one thing — they LOVE California! Especially our state and local governments. Our “Golden State” is helping almost ALL their state economies with our exports.

Our primary exports? Wealth, prosperity, businesses and human capital. And unlike most exports, the folks in other states receiving our outflow don’t even have to pay for these wonderful products!

As we Californians know all too well, the generosity of our politicians knows no bounds.

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One Response to “Some CA exports BOOMING. But sadly, the wrong kind of exports.”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    The state welfare, education, security, health, union workers, subcontractors and vendors….no HO HO HO this year or for years to come….