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Jon Fleischman

North State Kabuki – Logue Will Run For AD3; Nielsen Will Start Running For Senate Now Instead of Assembly

When the final Assembly District lines produced by the controversial California Redistricting Commission were finished, the two Republican Assemblymembers who represent the northernmost portion of the state — Jim Nielsen and Dan Logue — were drawn into the same seat.   However, before this became a dicey political situation, one of them, Assemblyman Logue, announced that he would run for a newly created adjacent district (safe Republican) where he also had a family home where he could establish his residency.  Conflict averted, right?  Wrong.  Conflict postponed, until now.

Assemblyman Dan Logue

Late last night the FlashReport broke the story that longtime North State Congressman Wally Herger would be retiring at the end of this term, and that he was endorsing State Senator Doug LaMalfa to succeed him.   Should LaMalfa win election to Congress, it will cause a special election for his Senate Seat in early 2013.  This becomes significant because the newly created 3rd Assembly District, the seat into which Nielsen and Logue were both originally drawn, is perfectly situation within LaMalfa’s district.  The adjacent district in which Logue said he would run overlaps with a much smaller part of the LaMalfa Senate district.

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen

It is with that background that we share the news that Dan Logue has re-evaluated his situation and has decided that he is going to run in the 3rd Assembly District — thus, in theory, setting up a North State blockbuster blow-out of a battle between he and Nielsen.

So to recap this confusing North State kabuki dance — Herger is leaving Congress.  LaMalfa will seek election to Congress.  If successful he will leave the State Senate, causing a special election.  In that special election will likely be Jim Nielsen, who is not seeking re-election to the Assembly, and Dan Logue, who will be the local Assemblyman.  Of course if Logue wins, there would be another special election to fill the Assembly seat.

Update:  Senator Doug LaMalfa has endorsed Jim Nielsen to succeed him in the Senate.  Wait, he is still in the Senate…  This is serious political chess…

One Response to “North State Kabuki – Logue Will Run For AD3; Nielsen Will Start Running For Senate Now Instead of Assembly”

  1. Ernie Konnyu Says:

    If this is not enough Kabuki there is more.

    Demo Congressman John Garamendi has a Demo lean district that could be taken from him with a strong Republican effort. Assemblyman Logue’s district partially overlaps the Garamendi district so Logue, who jumped in on Federal issues with his advocacy for Governor Rick Perry for President, may hop to the Congressional post.

    Why not Dan? The pay is better and the issues are bigger and Garamendi voted for trillions of spending nearly bankrupting our country!! The district has two Air Force bases, the larger Travis AFB and the smaller Beale AFB that’s perfect for a strong National defense voice. And Congressman Herger could gladly explain to Dan how those Northern district rice farmers can be tamed by a Republican.

    The fly in the ointment is the Number #3 boy in the House, the Whip, McCarthy. Would he back an all out Logue effort if Dan jumped in.