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Jon Fleischman

Conservative Eric Linder Jumps Into Inland Empire AD 60 Race

My apologies — as FR readers know, I am loathe to post up press releases verbatim.  That said, I am out the door and I wanted to pass this along right away.  A longtime friend of mine Eric Linder, who has been a grassroots leader in conservative and Republican politics for a long time now (he’s the Vice Chairman of the County GOP), has decided to run for a seat in the state legislature (apparently newspaper articles about the dysfunction that prevails in our State Capitol have not dissuaded him.  Eric is a great guy, and he’s going to be running in the 60th Assembly seat that is being left by Jeff Miller as he seeks a seat in the State Senate.  The two GOP candidates who have been running have been very lackluster in their fundraising — and neither of them have any kind of track record in partisan politics that is as sterling and impressive as Eric’s.  Below is Eric’s inaugural press release.  He’s going to be a strong candidate — keep your eye on him.  His website is

Assembly candidate Eric Linder is Vice Chairman of the Riverside County GOP


Riverside GOP Vice-Chairman Provides Stark Contrast to Two Pension Double-Dippers

CORONA, CA – Earlier today, Corona business owner Eric Linder announced his candidacy for the 60th Assembly District, being vacated by Assemblyman Miller’s run for the State Senate.

Linder has been a longtime real estate professional, who recently has shifted his focus to the running of an online communications and advertising firm, eMotiv Marketing, which he founded. Linder also previously owned and operated an aircraft rental and charter company.  This wealth of business experience has given Eric an appreciation for the damage that high taxes and over-regulation can have on small businesses.

“Taxpayers need someone in Sacramento who will look out for them,” commented Linder. “My two pension double-dipping opponents have proven they have no regard for California taxpayers, and I hope my experience as a business owner will provide a stark contrast.”

Also running in the 60th Assembly District are two remarkably similar candidates: Stan Skipworth and Greg Kraft. Each have spent their lives as public employee union members. Each is set to draw a significant pension, paid for by California taxpayers. Each is set to double-dip, drawing their Legislative salary on top of their pension. And each have only a measly approximately $7,500 raised to-date for their campaigns.

“Reckless, irresponsible spending over the past few decades has left California with an estimated $500 billion unfunded pension liability. We have to get control of our pension liability and stop the rip off of California taxpayers.  It would be difficult for my opponents to reform the system, when they are so much a part of that system,” commented Linder.

Eric Linder grew up in the 60th Assembly District, where he attended Norco High School. He lives in Corona with his wife and three children. Eric is actively involved in the community, serving as a Founder of the Corona Taxpayers Association, Vice-Chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party, and as a Coach for his daughter’s softball team.

4 Responses to “Conservative Eric Linder Jumps Into Inland Empire AD 60 Race”

  1. Allen J. Wilson Says:

    Eric is a good man…has my strongest endorsement and support.

    Eric is a businessman who understands that businesses in California have been battered enough in the Golden State.

  2. Chris Mays Says:

    Eric is a passionate and dedicated leader of his community and indeed the Greater Republican Community. He has volunteered for countless conservative causes and candidates. He is well-spoken, articulate, and charismatic.

    In other words, he is the perfect candidate for this district.

  3. Ashley Nicole Ingram Says:

    Go Linder Go! I cant think of a better person to run for this seat. Homegrown folks represent their districts best. This is going to be a great race!

  4. Scott Carpenter Says:

    I’m glad Eric decided to throw his hat in for this seat. He will be a strong conservative voice in Sacramento and his activist credentials are unparalleled. He’s the type of candidate we need!