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Jon Fleischman

Support for Brown’s Income, Sales Tax Hikes Pludges, But Will Capitol Democrats Change Course?

Regular readers of this site know that I frequently pan public opinion polling because the results of such surveys are so easily manipulated by factors such as how a question is framed, how it is asked, and to whom it is asked. All of these variables can skew the results of any survey.

That caveat having been given, I take it as an outstanding development that in the Public Policy Institute of California survey released last night that the sales and income tax increases proposed by Governor Brown have plummeted around twenty points since the last time the PPIC asked for public opinion on this topic. Brown’s measure now stands precariously at a bare majority of voter support, 52% — and any student of California politics will tell you that this is not where you want to be.

That having been said, this is the first time the PPIC has been able to use the actual Title and Summary assigned to the tax increase proposal in their questions, which one can presume make these numbers a bit more realistic than the earlier one.

One Response to “Support for Brown’s Income, Sales Tax Hikes Pludges, But Will Capitol Democrats Change Course?”

  1. Bob Evans Says:


    Anyhow, Jon, once the Democrats take two thirds majority in both houses Governor Brown will not need an initiative. He and the Democrats will have all the tax they want. Plus fees. And regulations. How, you ask, will the Democrats take two thirds control? Why, the media will hang your odious CRP platform around any person who has an R after their name which will kill their chances.