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Richard Rider

Solid Takedown of Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Speech

The Ultimate Takedown of Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Speech

Below is an odd post that quite impressed me — a comprehensive takedown of Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech.   All of my allies know that Obama is oh SO wrong, but dissecting his populist argument for others to understand doesn’t come easy.

What is odd about this solid refutation is that it’s an anonymous piece. But the lack of authorship ID should not diminish the value of the message.  This piece deserves dissemination.

Business owners throughout the nation (and many others) have to be angry about Obama’s disdain for entrepreneurship.  But the Obama speech was not some flippant, off-the-cuff rant.  It is a carefully crafted commentary, intended to draw the Occupy sympathizers and shallow thinkers (overlapping groups whose “members” are FAR more numerous than just the Occupy movement itself) to his banner while somehow shaming business owners.

Surely the crafters of such policy have done the “focus group” analysis and found that, on average, it’s a winning strategy.  After all, essentially the same speech was given by Elizabeth Warren a few months ago, and I bet the Obamites liked what they saw and heard afterwards.

That’s why this rebuttal piece (admittedly long, but logic and fact driven) is so important.  Not everyone will read it, but everyone who wants to advance the cause of limited government (and to persuade others) SHOULD read it – or at least scan it.

To summarize (an excerpt):

[The Obama speech/assertion] relies on three assumptions that must all be true for the argument to remain standing:

  1. That the public programs he mentioned in his speech constitute a significant portion of the federal budget;
  2. That business owners don’t already pay far more than their fair share of these expenses; and
  3. That these specific public benefits are a federal issue, rather than a local issue.

If any of these legs fails, then the whole argument collapses.

For good measure, we won’t just kick out one [leg], we’ll kick out all three.

. . .

Yes, there are other cogent arguments against Obama’s thesis, but I found this summation the best I’ve seen to date.   The rebuttal is too long to replicate here (especially considering the graphs, videos and formatting), so I recommend clicking on the link below.