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Scott Carpenter

Rohit Joy Announces Candidacy for CA GOP Bay Area Vice Chair

This entry may be a little late to the presses, but I figure better a little late than too late.  Anyway, I’m proud to spread the word that my friend Rohit Joy has officially announced his candidacy for California Republican Party Bay Area Vice Chairman.  These last few weeks he has been circling the wagons and garnering support from activists, party officials and elected officials.  The position of Regional Vice Chair of the CA GOP can sometimes be ceremonial and has a vague job description beyond official party guidelines of standard board positions. Rohit won’t be taking the position lightly, though.  As part of his announcement, he’s outlined a plan to broaden the party’s appeal among the “Millennial Generation”—something the CRP desperately needs.  As a member of the Millennial Generation who will be saddled with debt by my government I’m glad Rohit has recognized that others in the Millennial Generation must be approached and informed of the fiscal carnage we will endure unless we elect leaders to address it.  The GOP needs to be at the forefront of this reality check if we plan to ever turn young voters toward our party.

Aside from knowing Rohit in activist circles and professionally, I’m privileged to know him as a friend and a principled and passionate leader.  I believe he will be a fine leader within the CA GOP and offer valuable insights to the board about what young voters actually care about and why our party’s principles truly matter in appealing to the next generation.  Rohit’s commitment to our party and itsideas dictates that he will work tirelessly to advance its success.  I look forward to supporting him in these endeavors.

His official campaign announcement is below:

Rohit Joy Announces Candidacy for CRP Bay Area Vice Chair

Unveils “Millennium Vote” Plan

Rohit Joy has announced his candidacy for the position of CRP Bay Area Vice Chair. Rohit is a member of the Executive Committees of the Contra Costa Republican Party and California Republican Party and the National Committeeman of the California Young Republican Federation.

Rohit looks forward to working with Bay Area County Central Committees to strengthen and grow their county parties, recruiting winning candidates to represent the Republican Party at both the state and local levels, and leading statewide efforts to bring the “millennial generation”—the newest generation of voters age 18-29—into the Republican Party.

CRP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro has this to say about Rohit’s candidacy:  “Rohit represents the next generation of voters that we simply must reach.  Please join me in supporting him.”

Contra Costa County Republican Party Chair Becky Kolberg made the following statement:  “Rohit has taken on leadership roles at both the county and state party levels from a young age, and has led numerous volunteer efforts for our candidates in the Bay Area over the years.  I am proud to endorse his run for Regional Vice Chair of the CRP and look forward to working with him to bring the newest generation of voters into the party.”

The complete “Millennium Vote” plan can be found here.

Rohit Joy serves as National Committeeman of the California Young Republican Federation, an elected member and District 4 Chair of the Contra Costa Republican Party Central Committee, and as a member of the Executive Committee of the California Republican Party.