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Katy Grimes

Has Chicago-style voter fraud come to California?

Part ll of “Has Chicago-style voter fraud come to California?”

Voter fraud techniques

“Lawlessness in elections corrodes the entire process,” election lawyer J. Christian Adams said.

In Florida during the 2008 Presidential election, 53,000 dead voters somehow cast their ballots.

In California, we also have dead voters.

* “An NBC Bay Area Investigation uncovered thousands of California voters who remain on the voter rolls despite having died several years ago… A closer look at the data revealed that some of the dead people were not only registered, but somehow, even voted, several years after their death,” NBC Bay Area recently reported.

* “Democrats love to make voter registration fraud seem patriotic. Starting in a few days you can (illegally) register your dog and cat from the comfort of your bedroom as voters,” political commentator Steve Franks recently said. “Thanks to the incompetence and corruption of the system, no one will verify they are people. Then you can make them permanent absentee voters—and they can vote without any human interface.”

* In 2010, the Service Employees International Union California, the California Teachers Association, and Latino leaders, announced that they were registering thousands of new Latino voters to boost Latino election turnout by signing up Latinos as new, permanent absentee voters. No ID required.

* In 2010, a San Francisco polling inspector was arrested and charged with stealing dozens of ballots and other elections material. The ballots were later found floating in a pond at the Palace of the Fine Arts in the city’s Marina neighborhood, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Presidential election, Philly-style

** During the 2008 presidential election, the New Black Panthers stood guard in front of Philadelphia precinct polling locations, armed with nightsticks and other weapons, intimidating non-Obama voters.

Nearly 1,500 ballots from Philadelphia precincts were sent to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for additional scrutiny, and 8,000 other ballots were considered “suspect.”

** In 2010, Bucks County, PA officials investigated 500 allegedly fraudulent ballots involving a door-to-door canvassing scheme and forged absentee ballot signatures.
** Then there were the voters who received letters from mysterious the Pennsylvania Voters Assistance Office. There is no such organization or office.

Fraud techniques

Seniors and the disabled, often who live in residential care facilities, have been voter fraud victims. There have been many cases where the ballots of the disabled and seniors are delivered to precincts, with all votes cast for a straight Democratic ticket.

I have talked with friends whose elderly family members have care givers who have filled out their ballots for them, voting a straight Democratic ticket against the wishes of the senior. And I have spoken with people whose elderly family members live in residential care facilities, whose ballots are filled out for them.

Even absentee ballots are problematic. Unless the envelopes and absentee ballots are kept together to verify the address of the voter, there have been cases of numerous voters using the same address while voting absentee. Elections officials know they should verify addresses on absentee ballots, but frequently separate the envelopes from the ballots. Unless the ballot can be tied to the envelope, it could have come from anywhere.

The California Democrats have no plans to push for voter ID since it would primarily benefit Republicans. California elections are not much different than Tammany Hall was in New York City during 1854-1934. Tammany Hall was famous for the extent of its political corruption, lock on political races, and influence over the city’s politics.

California is not a lost cause, but voter fraud could break the credibility of the entire voting system.