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Jon Fleischman

Can You Take A Moment To Nominate The FlashReport?

A long eighteen months ago the highly regarded and well-read The Fix political blog on the Washington Post website posted up a list of what they felt were the best state-level political blogs.  Here at the FlashReport we were very pleased to make the list.  We heard back from them that a really high volume of our readers contacted them, which no doubt helped!

Well, they are doing it again!  The Fix is once again compiling an updated list of the best state-level political blogs, left-center-right, and once-again we’re asking for your help.

If you are willing to take just a moment of your time, just click on this link and you will go to The Fix to a page where there is a quick online form you can fill out and nominate the FlashReport!

You can also nominate us by just tweeting and put in the hashtag #FIXBLOGS.

Thank you from all of us!