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Jon Fleischman

Send FlashReport Senior Editor on US Chamber’s Summer Road Trip!

I need your help — and it will only take like three seconds of your time.  Read on…

My close friend and Senior Editor of, John Hrabe, along with another good friend, Jen Vitela, were named as finalists in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Free Enterprise Road Trip.

John travels light. Jen doesn't.

“What the hell does that mean,” you ask?

I wondered the same thing.  It turns out the US Chamber is holding a competition and the winning duo will take the Chamber’s “Summer Road Trip” traveling to 15 cities and interviewing America’s small business about their struggles.

There’s nobody better than John and Jen to help tell the story of small business in America – how the hostile tax and regulatory environment is affecting growth and jobs. How hard working small business owners are struggling from excessive government regulations. Why we need pro-growth, free-market solutions.  On their journey they will document their adventures on to bring attention to the struggles everyday Americans must overcome to be successful.

Both John and Jen have a long history of fighting for free market principles, pro-growth candidates and anti-tax officeholders here in California.  But their real world experience extends far beyond the halls of the State Capitol.  Jen just completed three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan for the State Department and is now a consultant for the Department of Defense.  John has edited my website from more countries than I have ever visited.

But, being the most talented team with the longest history of dedicated free-market activism isn’t enough:  In the age of social media, they need your vote to be named the official tour guides. Vote for Team #1 at Voting will continue until Friday morning.  I encourage you to help get out the vote for John and Jen by clicking here and sharing this link with your audiences.

Also, it is worthy of note that one of the members of the competing team writes for the Huffington Post, and I feel as conservatives that we have a responsibility to reject anything formally affiliated with the HuffPost.

If you would like to tweet your support, please include @USChamber and #FETour.  John and Jen can be found on twitter too:  @JohnHrabe and @JenVitela.  A good “cut and paste” for twitter: I voted for @johnhrabe and @jenvitela for the @USChamber Summer Road Trip!  #FETour