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Roger Covalt

Taxpayer Burden: Public vs. Private Salaries

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[Publisher’s Note:  As part of an ongoing effort to bring original, thoughtful commentary to you here at the FlashReport, I am pleased to present this column from longtime FlashReport friend and reader Roger Covalt.  Biographical and contact information for Mr. Covalt can be found beneath his column.]

There is a difference between private and public sector salaries.

Regarding public/government sector salaries, it always sickens me to see the salaries of what some top government bureaucrats and coaches make. It seems that the people that allowed such salaries have forgotten that the taxpayer, for the most part, pay for these salaries. These salaries, for the most part, come with a defined retirement benefit.

Because these positions are government positions, their salaries should be limited to whatever the salary is for the Chief Executive is for the State, the Chief Executive being the Governor. If the agency wants to pay their employee more, then the funding sources should be non-taxpayer based. They could be paid by foundations, or for coaches, ticket sales incentives.

Some might say that the only way to bring in talented people and to keep them is to pay them well. Fine, but when you look at the long term picture, can we really afford such salaries? If agencies want to pay such salaries, let them find outside sources. Government needs to realize that they are the public sector and NOT the private sector. The taxpayer should not be forced to pay these huge salaries which they have very little say to.

I will use Janet Napolitano as an example. She supposedly will be making a base of $570,000/year heading the UC system. Governor Brown makes $165,000/yr (December 2012). Under my proposal, the UC system would have to find outside sources of $335,000/yr to fund the rest of her salary (Also I must ask, making that much money, why does she need a car allowance and a house? Her salary should be enough to pay for her housing and car).

“Top public pension earner sues Vernon after CalPERS cuts his benefit”,0,7754009.story?track=rss

If we had such controls as I have written about, there would have never been a Vernon scandal, nor would the taxpayers have to pay his $500,000 year plus pension.

“Cal football coaches’ tab hits $16.3 million”

Show us the exact cable revenue that is being brought in.

“No state money, tuition, student services fees or institutional” money is being touched, Benenson said.


“However, Benenson says Cal is still trying to come up with another $2 million in department revenue to pay for it all.”

You can contact Roger Covalt (via the FR) here.

Roger Covalt, professionally, is a Supervising Park Ranger.  He is a member the Park and Recreation Advisory Committee for the City of Poway. In 1990, Covalt was the Republican nominee for the 79th State Assembly.