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Congressman John Campbell

Government Shutdown Day 8

Government Shutdown Day 8: The outrage continues over the Obama administration’s extreme actions to punish the American people through orders given to the park service. Vietnam vets were physically removed this week from viewing the Vietnam War Memorial, which I’m sure most of you know consists of a wall entirely outside in a park. The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is inside a closed building, but is visible through a window. The Obama administration had the window covered up so you couldn’t even see the bell from the outside. And, the Feds barricaded the road in front of Mount Rushmore so that no one can even drive by and see this monument. Problem is, however, the road is not a federal road. It’s a state highway. So, the good people of the state of South Dakota asked the Park Service to remove the barricades from the state highway. The Feds refused to do so, citing that while it may be a state highway, it is on Federal land. But, then a heavy snow came just a few days ago. The snow plows belonging to the people of South Dakota plowed their roadway and plowed all those Obama administration barricades, signs and cones right into the ditch, where they belong.

These are amongst the things for which we are fighting. We are fighting for the preservation of the authority of state governments that are closer to the people. We are fighting against an overbearing and overpowerful federal government that can and will punish the people when they dare to not submit to the will and power of that government. Imagine the metaphor of the bell of Liberty being shielded from view by the very people to whom that liberty belongs?

But, there is more.  Last week, the Obama administration erected barricades along the Capitol Mall here in Washington so that people could not even walk on the grass. By the way, the Mall is a wide open series of fields that are usually filled daily with tourists, families, and people doing various athletic activities. But today, those barricades will be temporarily removed to allow a pro-amnesty demonstration by a group that supports illegal immigration. After the demonstration, the barricades will be replaced. Do you think such accommodation would be made for a pro-life group, a group in support of lower taxes, a small-business group or a 2nd amendment rights group?

This Capitol Mall story is emblematic of the nation that this administration is trying to create. It is a nation of special treatment and special favors. A nation without equal justice under the law. If you are a group that supports the liberal agenda, then you can use a national park. If you oppose that agenda, you cannot. The president closed the White House to tourists about 6 months ago. So, a couple from Kansas who work for a living, have kids, and have saved their money for a trip to Washington can no longer see the White House. But, White House records show that the president’s campaign contributors, union bosses and groups representing liberal causes are admitted on a daily and regular basis. And, they don’t have to put up with having all that noise and such from the rabble known as the American people. They keep that “rabble” out.

And, we keep hearing from Democrats all over this town that ObamaCare is the law of the land. And, it is. But, over 1,200 unions, big companies and favored groups, Members of Congress and employees at the White House have received exemptions from this law that the Kansas family does not and cannot get. The mandates in ObamaCare were delayed by this administration for one year for big business. But, the individual mandate remains. The Labor Department makes rulings on workplace requirements all the time and routinely exempts union members from being subject to these regulations.

In California, a state government with 100% Democratic supermajority control, taxes were raised recently to be by far the highest of any state in the nation. But, at the same time, huge tax credits were given to the movie industry. That industry is obviously a bastion of liberal support and ideology. And, although this industry believes you need to pay high taxes, they don’t like to pay those taxes themselves. So, under threat of the movie business moving out of California, rather than give everyone tax relief, the California state government exempted only this industry. If you manufacture something or have a retail business, you don’t get such a favor because too many of you might be moderates or conservatives.

This is a big part of what this fight is about. Are we going to live in a country where everyone is treated equally? Or, is there going to be a favored, ruling class that does not have to play by all the rules that the rest of us do? Will we be a country where you are free to live the life you want, or will you be punished if you do not obey the dictates of the rulers?

We need to sweep these barricades to freedom into a ditch just as the local snow plows in South Dakota swept those federal barricades away. We will not break in this quest.

Until tomorrow, drive fast and live free.

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