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BOE Member George Runner

BOE to Consider Proposed Gas Tax Cut

At our next meeting, the Board of Equalization will consider and vote on a staff proposal to reduce the gas tax by 3.5 cents per gallon for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

This proposed gas tax cut will give Californians a much-deserved tax break and help lower travel costs this summer. It has my full support.

Although I’m pleased the tax will go down this year, it’s unfortunate that California will continue to have one of the highest gas tax rates in the nation.

California has a confusing and complicated gas tax scheme that was imposed by the Governor and Legislature in 2010 over my objections. The BOE did not create this tax scheme.

Taxes are hard enough to accept, but when they can’t be simply explained, it erodes public confidence. This tax scheme is so complicated even expert tax professionals have a hard time understanding it.

Taxpayers deserve a simple and straightforward tax system that they can easily understand and won’t take them by surprise. They have the right to know how much they’re paying and where those dollars are going.

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