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BOE Member George Runner

Telephone Townhall for the Agricultural Industry

On Tuesday, March 4 at 10:00 a.m. I will be partnering with the California Farm Bureau Foundation, to host a Telephone Townhall on tax issues specific to the agricultural industry.

Central Valley Senators Anthony Cannella and Andy Vidak will also join the call. Senator Cannella serves as the Vice Chairman of both the Senate Agriculture and Senate Natural Resources and Water Committees. In addition to his legislative duties, Senator Vidak is a farmer and rancher, growing cherries in Kings County and raising cattle in Tulare County.

Every day, farmers and ranchers face challenges with tax laws in the state of California. The laws can be complicated and, at times, confusing and taxpayers can face stiff penalties and interest if deadlines aren’t met and record keeping isn’t accurate.

Most taxpayers want to do the right thing but even the most savvy business owner can make mistakes. The tele-townhall will address such topics as sales and use tax, partial farming exemptions, and sales of feed and animals.

Better understanding of tax laws allows farmers, ranchers, and business owners selling to the agricultural industry to spend less time concerning themselves with tax issues and more time running their businesses.

To participate in the event, register in advance at or call 916-324-4970

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