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Lesli Gooch: The Best Choice to Represent Inland Empire Families in Congress

It has been an honor serving as a United States Congressman for the past 15 years. There are several good people running to replace me in Congress, however, as I leave office to return to private life at the end of this year, there isn’t anyone I trust more than Dr. Lesli Gooch to represent us in Congress. Lesli is the fighter we need in Washington.

As my Senior Policy Director, Lesli has proven that she gets things done despite the gridlock in Washington. She has worked to bring economic prosperity back to the Inland Empire. She helped to ensure that our logistics and housing industries, major job creators in this region, would be able to succeed.

Lesli has worked tirelessly with me to ensure small businesses thrive and create good paying jobs for our families. Together, we sought to stabilize the housing market during the foreclosure crisis. In addition, despite the gridlock in Congress we were able to pass legislation to facilitate the export of millions of dollars of goods from local companies, at no cost to taxpayers.

Whenever I faced challenges moving legislation to help our economy, I knew I could count on Lesli Gooch. She is an expert regarding the legislative process and how to make Washington work. Only someone with her experience will be able to work in the Washington gridlock and still have the ability to pass legislation.

Her belief in free market economics will continue to stabilize the housing market and strengthen the economy.

Economic prosperity and job security will come from making sure the Inland Empire is the best place to live and grow a business, and the safest place to raise a family.

Rather than focus on what divides us, we always concentrated on the values that unite us: good paying jobs, safer neighborhoods, and better schools for our children. All of this comes from American prosperity, and with Lesli Gooch as our representative in Washington, we will have the person who will fight for economic prosperity and growth in the Inland Empire.

I have endorsed and wholeheartedly support Lesli Gooch for the 31st Congressional District because I know first hand that Lesli has the principles, passion, and experience to help get our state and country back on track.

Let’s make the right decision together and elect Lesli Gooch to Congress so we can make Washington work for us.

Lesli Gooch is an Inland Empire native, resident of Rancho Cucamonga, small business owner and former Senior Policy Director for U.S. Representative Gary Miller.