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Jon Coupal


Given the horrible decisions recently being made by elected officials, why don’t we subject candidates for public office to a simple exam with the grades to be posted in the ballot pamphlet? Here are few questions that might be asked.

For those running for trustee in one of our over 1,000 school districts: “Given a choice of spending $14,000 on 200 new student textbooks or $14,000 on a top-of-the-line espresso machine, which would you choose?”

For those running for a seat in the California Legislature: “Does a state agencies’ practice of transferring employees in and out of positions for the purpose of inflating the departments’ budgets reflect good public policy?”

And for those running for a Los Angeles City Council seat: “Do you support the use of taxpayer dollars to settle frivolous lawsuits like the recent payout to trash collectors to compensate them for being denied the right to take naps in their trucks?”

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