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Richard Rider

Jon Stewart confuses WEALTH privilege with WHITE privilege

NOTE: Watching the video below is secondary to my comments here:

Liberals like Jon Stewart confuse “wealth privilege” with white privilege. If you have more money, life is better. It doesn’t matter what race you are. And it’s not unjust.

Think I’m wrong? Go tell blue collar and low income whites that they benefit from “white privilege.” And be ready to beat a hasty retreat for your own safety.

Such lower income whites find that not only do they possess no such privilege — they are actively discriminated AGAINST by their own governments!! Affirmative action and subtly designed racist quotas work to “keep them in their place.”

Conversely, if you are a well-to-do black, you are better off than a white person with the same income. For no matter how wealthy you are, government will still discriminate in favor of your black kids — in employment, school admissions and government contracting.

But you won’t hear about THAT in a Jon Stewart tirade. That working class white group is not his pampered demographic — liberal elitists plagued with “white guilt.”

Jon Stewart Tries To Get Bill O’Reilly To Say White Privilege Exists