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Katy Grimes

Feminists as Victims, or Perpetrators?

Being female, I am reasonably qualified to speak on the subject of feminism and how feminists have been bullying other women for more than 40 years. I was born in the early 1960’s and lived during a time when women were burning their bras, demanding equal pay, and aborting their babies on demand. Young women were told that we had been oppressed by men for too long and women’s rights were our legacy: Men had been manipulating us for years in order to get what they wanted – they always got what they wanted, and we women got nothing. We deserved equality; it was our entitlement.

Sen. Hanna Beth Jackson To The Rescue

Yet another feminism-based bill by State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, claims to “close the wage gap that women face at work.” Surprisingly, the bill recently passed the Senate on a unanimous vote, 38-0. Every Republican Senator voted for this drivel. The bill also has the support of the California Chamber of Commerce.

According to Jackson’s Senate website:

“Senate Bill 358, the California Fair Pay Act, would ensure that women are paid equally for work that is substantially similar to the work of their male colleagues, and do not face retaliation if they discuss or ask how much their male colleagues are paid. If signed into law, it would be the strongest equal pay law in the nation.

‘Equal pay isn’t just the right thing for women, it’s the right thing for our economy and for California. And it is long overdue. Families rely on women’s income more than ever before. Because of the wage gap, our state and families are missing out on $33.6 billion dollars a year,’  said Jackson. ‘That money could be flowing into families’ pocketbooks, into our businesses and our economy. After years of dealing with a persistent wage gap, the time is now for women’s paychecks to finally reflect their hard work and true value. It is time that we fix the wage gap that women face at work once and for all, and lead the nation in showing how it can be done.’”

It is well documented that “the Dems treat women as mere receptacles who exist solely for the transitory pleasure of prominent Democrats,” Kurt Schlicter says.

Dems pay less to women

In the California Assembly, under Democrat control, women make 92 cents on the dollar compared to men. In the Senate, women make 94 cents on the dollar compared to men, the Sacramento Bee reported. It sounds as if the Legislature should clean up its own house before telling employers what to do.

The Bee report found:

▪ In both houses, the five highest-paid employees are men. Among the 41 employees across both houses who make $150,000 or more, 61 percent of the positions are held by men.

▪ Within specific job categories, the average pay for men and women is rarely equal. In higher-paid categories – such as chief of staff or chief consultant – men, on average, make more than women with the same title.

▪ When women make more than men with the same job title, it tends to be in lower-paid job categories, such as executive secretary or committee assistant – positions that are dominated by female employees.

What’s wrong with this picture?

In a recent Mother’s Day op ed by Kathleen McCartney, the president of Smith College, proved feminists are perpetrators, and not victims. “Motherhood is a cultural invention,” McCartney said. She whined on about how awful it was when she was pregnant in 1985, while working as an associate professor at Harvard, having her request for pregnancy leave denied by the department chairman. His reasoning: It wasn’t fair to the male professors since she may use the time off to do research.

McCartney claims women have no choices because “our cultural construction of motherhood is rooted in a particularly strong American bias toward personal responsibility, reflected across our social policies.”

Today, women have more choices than ever. And we did in 1985 when McCartney had her baby.

We can choose to not have babies. We can choose to work. We can choose to have babies and work.

What McCartney wants is to have everything she wants, without any consequences. But all choices have consequences.

Feminist Training 1.0

While in college, I was required to take an upper division class outside of my major. I ended up in a class in the Women’s Studies Department called “Victimless Crimes,” taught by a militant lesbian who insisted that sex between a man and a woman is rape. I had to sit through a semester of countless horrifying lectures from this angry self-proclaimed feminist, just to pass the class. There was no discussion or debate.

My young conclusion at the time was that feminists are miserable women – they want to dominate men, and then when they succeed at that, they hate the men they dominate.

Phony War on Women

This War on Women narrative is going to become deafening as Democrats and their compliant media lapdogs begin the attack on Republican candidates leading up to the presidential election, in a carefully planned effort to distract from the failures of the Obama administration, the Clinton Cash drama, the rise of ISIS, cozying up to Iran, and the upcoming economic crash.

However, it is the Democrat Party that has the real problem with women.

Remember, it was Bill Clinton who conducted his affairs in the Oval Office, nicknamed the Oral Office. And it was and still is Hillary Clinton who stood by her horny husband.

Plenty of other Democrats have had issues with sordid sexual exploits, affairs, and nasty selfies: former U.S. representative Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger), former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, former U.S. Sen. and presidential candidate John Edwards, U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, U.S. representative David Wu, former Michigan state representative and Democratic mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick, former New York Governor David Patterson, former Assembly Speaker and Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, former U.S. Rep. Gary Conditt, former U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, former U.S. Rep Mel Reynolds… the list is longer than you can shake a… never mind.

Women Discover Feminists Are Also Females

After decades of telling women to divorce their husbands, shun motherhood, and pursue careers, feminists have now discovered how wonderful it is to stay at home with the babies.

“A growing number of women are dismissing the career-driven conventions they were raised with, saying no to full-time work; believing instead that every household needs one primary caretaker – the mother,” the Daily Mail UK reported.

And they are calling themselves “feminist housewives.” Pity their husbands.

New York Magazine recently published a story called “The Retro Wife, feminists who say they’re having it all—by choosing to stay home.”

Who are these self-absorbed women who discover something natural and normal, and must proclaim it from the mountain tops as if they’ve found the secret to eternal youth? Answer is: Women who have been brainwashed by radical feminists through decades of federal, state and local level public policy, public and private education, and good old Hollywood — that bastion of reality.

Feminists Support Big Government

Every week one can attend Capitol legislative hearings, and observe liberal Democratic politicians, state agency directors and top employees and lobbyists, working fervently toward expanding the role of the state in the lives of families, women, minorities, school aged children, low-income families and the poor. California’s majority party is not advancing self-sufficiency and self-reliance, but instead, pushing a secular statist government on the most vulnerable in society.

The phony war on women narrative was only ever really a war on those who believe women should have to pay for their own birth control, and those who are opposed to abortion. But the war was ginned-up with the non-existent pay gap, and the phony campus rape crisis.

Feminism does not live up to its definition. And it does not represent most women. Today’s feminism is victimization; it encourages blaming other people for mistakes, bad choices, and failures. The problem today is that feminists now push public policy.

Signed into law by Gov. Brown, Senate Bill 967, by Sen. President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, reclassifies consensual sex on college campuses as “rape.” Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson was a huge proponent of de Leon’s bill. In July,  Jackson held a talk “about her work on a crucial feminist priority–standing up to sexual violence.” Sen. Jackson is the face of feminist movement. She claims to see feminist issues in nearly every state policy.

Campus Rape Lies

This virtual wave of campus rape in fact, does not exist. What spurred de Leon’s bill was a program by the White House, which declared sex crimes to be “epidemic” on U.S. college campuses. The White House claims one in five students is a victim of sexual assault while in college. This dubious number has become an article of faith and rallying cry among radical feminists pushing government intervention into colleges’ handling of sexual assault claims.

And the so-called “Rape Culture” is a lie radical feminists created to silence their political opponents without having to debate the subject, or offer facts and evidence. They don’t care about the facts. The UVA rape case proved to be yet another lie, happily advanced by Rolling Stone Magazine, just as the New York Times did with the Duke lacrosse team rape lie.

In the U.S. Senate, female Democrat Senators pay their female staffers $5,500 less per year than men.

Hillary Clinton, the current likely Democratic presidential candidate, and feminist against unequal pay for women, paid her own female employees $15,708.38 less than her male staffers when she was a U.S. senator from New York, according to a new report.

The Washington Free Beacon found that she paid women about 72 cents for each dollar she paid to men who worked in her Senate office from 2002 to 2008.

The Washington Times found Black campaign workers are paid noticeably less than their white counterparts —and the disparity is especially egregious when the paychecks are being signed by Democrats, versus Republicans, a new report found.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” is the motto of Feminist Perpetrators and liberals. And hypocrites.

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