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Ray Haynes

I am a Transstatial

I felt it was time to come out. I know a lot of you suspected, I know there has been whispering behind my back, but I couldn’t come out when I was in the Legislature, people would not have accepted it. After the Legislature, it just didn’t seem that important, but now that there has been so much publicity around others, and I know there are a lot of people out there that feel like me, I thought, by coming out, I would give others the courage to do the same. I am a transstatial.

When I was young, I ran away from the my statial orientation. I engaged in statial stereotypes, uttered statial epithets. I mocked how they talked, how they dressed, how they looked, all the while envying that they were brave enough to be who they are, unlike me. I know now my statial prejudice was just a form of self loathing. I hid behind my statial profiling to hide my statial orientation. I was a tortured soul.

As I grew older, I became more comfortable with my orientation, I started coming out. Today, I am proud to tell people who I really am. I am a transstatial, that’s right, I am an Oklahoman in Californian’s body. Yes, I used to call them Okies or rednecks, but now I call them brothers and sisters. Now I am a Republican and Conservative, embracing my inner Oklahoman.

Some people may say that’s ridiculous. You were born in California, you live in California, it is outrageous that you would claim to be an Oklahoman. Except, Californian does not describe who I am, I do not feel I am a Californian. As for being born here, my mother is Oklahoman, I am genetically disposed to be an Oklahoman. Destiny is not determined by the accident of where I was born, it is determined by whom I am inside. For years, I was tortured to conform to the accident of my birth, but now I proudly stand with who I am inside.

For the last few years, I have run to my statial brothers and sisters. We have proudly reveled together in our statial origins. We could be “out of the closet” together. We proudly announced who we are, and why it is right to be who we are.

Now I am out. And why should I have to move to Oklahoma to be who I am inside? I ask, no, I demand that those in power grant me the benefits of being an Oklahoman, because I am not a Californian.

(1) I want to carry a concealed weapon wherever I go without having to bother with some government bureaucrat who would deny my permit, that’s what Oklahomans do;

(2) From now on, I have the right to pay less in taxes than the California government demands, I will only pay 1 or 2 percent in taxes, that is what they pay in Oklahoma;

(3) From now on, I have the right to pay only $2.50/gallon for gasoline. That’s what Oklahomans pay.

(4) Business regulations? what business regulations? I can frack when I want, I can tell the union to get out of my business, I can grow my business and feed my family as I see fit. I am an Oklahoman, and government doesn’t tell Oklahomans how to run their business;

(5) I can believe that God has his hand in the affairs of society, and I can say so proudly without risk of being attacked by the media. I get that the media is statially prejudice, and they don’t believe that anyone can be transstatial. I have the right to express my statial orientation without interference from those backwards thinking statial supremacists.

I know there are others like me, especially in the Bakersfield area. Stand up, be courageous, declare your inner statial orientation. We can stay in California, and express our true selves, without interference from those who hate, and demand California recognize our statial orientation. I have come out, so that others will have the courage to do the same. Fear not, people already know, own who you are, be who you are, express your statial orientation loudly and proudly.

There are even a lot of liberals who are Oklahomans on the inside. Stop hating yourself. Embrace who you are. I am with you, and will be with you no matter who criticizes you. Wear your cowboy hat, boots, and belt buckle. Love Garth Brook and Tim McGraw. Throw off the yoke of government. You deserve to be at peace with who you are, and not forced to conform to a person who is not you. Join me, declare you are a transtatial, just like me.